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Husbands and WivesAnonymous writes: well im attracted to a gal.... like hell... d prob is shez married...... for a year.... seems dat was a love marriage..... its like dis.... shez working in an agency which belongs to my frenz bro... went der some time back saw her n gosh.... shez fantastic... think she was also attracted..... now got to talk to her. but think shez of d friendly type now..... no hint of any attraction... badly want to steal her from him. any hints????

Jeez, do you like looking for trouble?? First think if this is gonna cause problems for your friend or friend's bro.

Once that's cleared, I guess you gotta see her some more so you can figure out situation. See how she reacts around other people etc. But you really gotta be around her... she won't just go on a date if she's married.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:54:28) UTC (4818 reads)
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  Married and more
Husbands and Wiveshey man, great webpage! Well, i got a good story for you. I also have a question or 2. the story first.
So this new chick started at work. she is cute and all. but for the first 2 months i shot her a smile like 2 times. I seen her talking to a group of people, one day sorta close to me. About this band that was playing at a local bar. About how good they were. Saying we should all come up to see em. sounded like a cool show, so i went. she was there at 8 pm the show started at 9. I showed up at 10. she was sitting with a few guys. i walked over and sat down. we talked for maybe 2 hours. about kids, and relationships. ect.. needless to say. she came back to my place that night :-p.
so heh we did our thing and i was taking her back, to get her car at the bar. She tell's me that she's married. hah, and she has only been married 3 months! so we talk and both agree it was a one night thing. the next day at work. 4 people come up to me and know about it. I was like uhhh no we just went and caught a now she is all like. i wanna leave my husband. be with you. hehe. huge ego b00st! but i put a hella quick stop to that. told her st8 up how it was. she was sad and all. but 3 weeks have gone bye. she is still happlily married and i am now after my next one. heh.
now. my latest one is a little more confusing. This chick is someone i actually wouldn't mind being my g/f. so, i met her at this all day rockfest thing. we talked all day. Her boyfriend was even there. we just clicked. had a lot of common interests. not to mention she is FiNe as hell. so towards the end of the night when the final band was playing. her boyfriend got seperated from us in the massive crowd. and some how she ended up behind me. so like a gentleman i let her in front. then she started wh0a! we were getiing pushed around a little and i said "not trying to feel you up or anything. Chet's a good friend of mine."(me and chet were tight back in school then lost contact for 3 yr's) she smiled at me and say ah i don't mind Smile, so the show ended and we parted. now her birthday is in 7 days. chet stays with her. but i know where she works. I can't call or stop in really. so how can i get this girls attention without being able to talk? I was thinking sending something to her work. like ??? for her birthday. but how do i get around chad? help!!!

gfs: Yeah, send her something and see how she responds. It's tough. As I always say: "proximity is next to godliness"

Posted by gfs on Saturday, 04 September 2004 (14:31:01) UTC (3887 reads)
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  A Post-Coital Cup of Coffee
Husbands and WivesWell, I must say that wives and girlfriends are much more fun in terms of the chasing - especially 'bored' ones, who do really exist. I'm of the view, however, that many of these (allegedly) extra-martital (or whatever) flings are really thinly disguised, perhaps naively so, swinging, and are entirely consensual, if not overtly so. I well remember the first time I was 'caught' by a returning husband (a weightlifter by hobby!), who kindly furnished his wife and I with a post-coital cup of coffee as we lay in the marital bed. OK, that was fairly extreme, but how many husbands/boyfriends actually get a kick out of the infidelities of their partners, eh?

What a delightful surprise! That's a good argument to use on a girl who's feeling guilty.

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:00:13) UTC (4548 reads)
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  Who is In Control?
Husbands and WivesWell, without entering into argumentative moral judgments, it is actually interesting to pursue this "chase", in the illusion that you are in control. Perhaps it is the other way around, in that you are actually being used by whomever it is that you have designed as target, and rather naive in doing their bidding. That said, most women are becoming more liberated and assertive when it comes to sex, and thus rejecting any other male impossed rule we may think of. It is my experience taht, while going in for the chase, it is better to let them take the initiative: the quest and lust for control is all theirs, mine is the pleasure.

Well, if the preceding postulate is in fact correct, then my entire life has been for naught. Even still, we can use this desire for power as a tool in the chase.

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:01:26) UTC (3403 reads)
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  Backdoor Man
Husbands and WivesHello. I met a married woman whom I fell in love with. She fell in love with me too. I suspect that she may be having an affair on her husband and I both. I once told her that if she were to stray, I wouldn't want her to touch me. It has been about a couple of weeks since then and I can sense her becoming disinterested, but we still keep in touch. When we met last, she observed a hickie on my neck. She asked me if it was one, I told her it wasn't. She acted a little upset. She is very attractive. Please throw me a couple of tactics this way. I feel like this: It is better to be the back door man....or one of many than the FRONT DOOR FOOL. Please tip me on how I can keep a healthy "backdoor man status".
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:02:12) UTC (5660 reads)
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