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  Have You Got a Girlfriend? Here's How Not to Screw It Up
Success StoriesBy John Alexander
Author, "How to Become an Alpha Male"

Having a girlfriend can be a dangerous thing. We become too dependent on our woman for our happiness, and then if we get dumped, we find that we've all of a sudden lost our confidence. This results in being without sex for many months, until we finally get a girlfriend again, and... the cycle repeats.

So to break this cycle, we need to REMAIN the attractive guy, the alpha male.

You see, relationships can make us guys too lazy (since the sex is so easy) and we lose that "high value" mindset. It's crucial to keep that alpha male frame of mind that says, "I am like a Lamborghini."

Do Lamborghini dealerships grovel to try to get people to like them? Of course not. Instead they allow all the buyers to come to them. Hell, Lamborghini doesn't even advertise. As a man, you should have a similar confident mindset if you want to maximize the attraction your girlfriend feels for you.

So, how do you keep that alpha mindset? First and foremost, avoid chasing your girlfriend like a puppy dog. A basic concept which will prevent her from ever treating you badly is what I call Punishment and Reward.

If a woman engages in behavior which you disapprove of, punish her by withdrawing your time and focusing on something (or someone) else. If she does something you like (such as having sex with you), reward her by giving her more of your time, talking about her feelings, etc.

So whenever you do something nice for her, do it because you're rewarding her. And DO reward her good behavior, if you want more of it. Like I said, Punishment and Reward.

Then there's the issue of being a challenge. Women act sweet when you're a challenge to them. They act bitchy when they take you for granted and no longer feel like they need put out effort to win your affections.

Often by around month 6 in a relationship is when a woman really starts to take a guy for granted, so avoid that by remaining a challenge.

So the solution to remaining the attractive, alpha guy in your relationships is threefold:

1. Always be willing to focus your time on things other than your girlfriend. Don't reward her for acting bitchy by continuing to be around her when she does. On the other hand, too, reward her for good behavior by giving her more of your time when she acts sweet.

2. Always have it in the back of your mind that you could end the relationship at any time. Don't explicitly threaten her with that, but just make it a subtle implication. That way she'll never become truly comfortable with the relationship and will keep working to win you.

3. Always allow her to think that's she's just a little bit more interested in you than you are in her. Again, this can be very subtle, but if (for example) you're telling her 20 times a day that you love her, and she's only telling you that twice, then obviously the situation is badly out of whack.

John Alexander is author of "How to Become an Alpha Male", a dating and seduction success system that will maximize your chances of getting and keeping that dream woman you've got your eye on.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 30 September 2005 (11:07:30) UTC (3346 reads)
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  way to easy
Success StoriesAnonymous writes: So I met this girl a year ago. I never had the courage to ask her out til I found her online one night. She told me she had a boyfriend but I was hell-bent on this girl so i told her to bring him to our party.

Saturday came and she didnt come but spent 2 hours telling me how horrible he was. I felt it was time to act and steal this girl from him. After telling her she was beautiful which he didnt I dropped subtle hints about liking her. The boyfriend was a s*****-bag who was always telling her bad stuff about her. All I had to do was be nice and show some compassion and biggity boom she was mine. GFS in less than a week this girl was mine.

We are going to the bar where the ex works with me wearing a shirt that says "Yeah, I stole your Girlfriend" so I can stand next to him and get my picture taken. I will forward this when it happens.

GFS: Thanks for the letter! Well done... Can't wait to see the photo!
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:58:12) UTC (5123 reads)
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  Guys Britney Counts as a Stealer...
Success StoriesAnonymous writes: and is wearing the gear to prove it!

Britney in the

That girl's a boyfriend stealer!
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:52:26) UTC (3077 reads)
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  Making us Proud
Success StoriesHello G.S. and thankyou!!!

It finnally happened this Saturday night. Well let me start from the begining. You see I live my "bestfriend" and his girlfriend. Now she is beutiful and perfect in every sence of the word. He on the other hand is not such a great guy. I have watched him put her down and be an all around jerk for years now. I decied I was going to do somthing about it.

This all started about 7 months ago. When I relized that I loved my best bros girl. I knew that this would cause drama so tried to ingnored it. Then one day after spending hours alone with her laughing and playfully flirting I decied I was going to do it.

I wanted some ideas on how I could accelerate the process, I mean I was doing a good job on my own but I knew there had to be some info out there. So I jumped on the net. Wouldn't you know it I came across the Girlfriend Stealers Homepage. It was like a dream come true. There was a pletera of information I could use to my advantage.

The next day I asked her for her e-mail so I could send her some pics I found online. She obliged and we began chatting via e-mail almost everyday. It was nice to be able to talk back and forth without her boyfriend around. Our e-mails began to be more relaxed and flirty wich transended to are real conversations.

Beyoned the e-mail I began to take mental notes on things she liked about her boyfriend and things she didn't like. Her boyfriend is slightly overweight and lazy. So I started eating right and working out. Her boyfriend was a smoker. I quit. Her boyfriend did not like to drink to much. So I took it apon myself to get wasted with her. Anything he did well I tried to do it better. Anything he did poorly. I began to make references to.

Soon enough anytime she was upset about something he did or said she came to me. And the best part is so did he. Now I don't know if he is blind to the fact that I'm interested in his girl. Or if he just chooses not to see it. But the poor guy is feeding me information left and right. Stuff like how crappy his sex life is and how he has not been paid in at least a month.

Now I had the inside scoop. It was just a matter of making the right "off hand remarks" at the right time. This is somthing that can not be learned, you are either good at it or your not. It just so happens that I was good at it. I began to compliment her all the time. I wanted her to feel good about herself. It seemed like he never made her feel good about herself.

Soon enough we started watching the same tv shows and listening to the same music. Now this I did not set up we actully have the same taste. I would make a joke and she would laugh. The tables started turn. Now when we went out we were having fun together while her boyfriend was standing on the sidelines.

Week by week the sexual tention began to grow between us. Are casual touching began to become less casual. I would look for any opourtunity to get us alone. And she was more then happy to be alone with me. A walk to the park. A ride to the store. Anything that would give as a few moments away. Nothing would ever happen but there was somthing building that we could both feel.

Occasonally I would cop a quick feel and then immeditly apologize saying I don't know what came over me she was just so beutiful. (this was not a lie, she is perfect). She would reply with things like "You know you cant be doing that." But I could tell by the big smile on her face that she didn't mean it. Over time these moments occured more and more often.

Finally this weekend came. And like clockwork everything fell in to place. The alcohol is flowing and somehow we are in a sitaution were no one else is around or is going to be around for a long time. I played the flirty role with a little more agression. One thing led to another and I kissed her. She kissed me back harder and more intesly then I kissed her. Then I stopped her and I asked her what was going to happen tommorow. (it is good to get this out of the way so you don't wake up with a magor hang over wondering weather or not you can bring somthing up.)

Long story short it was a good night, a fun night. A night I could finally tell her how I felt. A night that was work all the effort that I put in. And it's not over yet. I'm going for the whole shabang she will be befor you know it.

Thanks GS.

I don't know If I could have done it with out ya!!!

Posted by gfs on Saturday, 04 September 2004 (13:53:29) UTC (6967 reads)
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  Say Uncle
Success StoriesWhat's do you think of a 50 year old uncle who steals his 28 year old nephew's girlfriend....she takes everything when she leaves the nephew, including all his money and goes off to live with the uncle?
Posted by gfs on Saturday, 04 September 2004 (13:47:08) UTC (5024 reads)
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  Ten Days to Success
Success Stories I read your info on your page and I'd have to say it works. I met this girl who started at my job a couple weeks before i was gonna quit. She had been with her boyfriend for FOUR years and she'd NEVER cheated on him. In ten days (during which I employed the tactics), she dumped him, and i had her that night. Nuff said. We've been together for about four months now and we're about to move in together. thanx alot
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:25:25) UTC (7259 reads)
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Success StoriesI followed the advice about girlfriend stealing on your site and it ended up getting me on the Jerry Springer show with the girl I stole, her ex-boyfriend!

Is this guy for real? Can anyone confirm?

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:33:48) UTC (6028 reads)
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