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  Girlfriend Stealer Music
PraiseAnonymous writes: The Big Wu has a song called "Stole My Girlfriend" the first line is "Stole My Girlfriend, from another." I think you guys would dig it.

Thanks, we'll check it out!
Posted by gfs on Monday, 14 February 2005 (14:49:52) UTC (4292 reads)
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  Laughed So Hard
Praiseafter tons of boring pages something really funny to read:) Thanx

I think you nailed it. If I ever decide to steal a girlfriend, Ill follow your no-nonsense aproach!Thanks for the laughs.

Excellent. I love the page.. the biggest laugh I got was reading from that disgruntled person who said she could "spot a girlfriend stealer a mile off".. What BS! That was a stitch.

I still snikker sometimes at the time I stole the girlfriends and wrecked the relationships of 2 reknowned assholes.. they were miserable crybabys and I was smoking cigarettes in the sack with their girlfriends. Ohh.. heehee for the good old days.

I also got a kick out of a jerk that got drunk and threatened to beat me up because Id boffed his girlfriend at a fraternity party. The funny thing was.. I had more friends in that guys frat than he did and they threatened to beat HIM up. What a laugher.

Alas.. Its been a while since I stole a girlfriend and I have a girlfriend myself now but you know what? Im not afraid that anyone will steal her because I dont treat her like furniture and I keep her happy.

I think some thick headed women like your critic should realize that Girlfriend Stealers can be their best friends.

Yeah. Yeah... take that all you critics! - gfs

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (17:43:29) UTC (5530 reads)
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  Superheroes and the Most Useful Site on the Net
PraiseThanks for the 'girlfriend stealers' page. Laughed until I wet myself.

I'm just writing to thank all girlfriend stealers everywhere!!!! I'd been wanting to break up with my obsessive girlfriend for a LONG time but I was always too much of a wimp to do it. Everyone thought we were the perfect couple because we never fought and were ALWAYS together, but in reality I hated her. I then set in motion a plan in which I ignored her for three months finally driving her into the arms of her "best friend." I immediatley dumped her and now everyone hates her for cheating on me. Everyone felt sorry for me and I got calls from five girls within the next week for dates. Thank you again girlfriend stealers.

Boy, we're the good guys? The superheroes helping out a guy in need? Unintentional but true!

Hi...I found your page to be very funnyand interesting. Though, I do not like the parts about using alcohal to steel girlfriends...but that's ok. You must get pretty funny reactions from all the tightasses out there. Funny shit.


BTW, I am not advocating getting someone drunk against their will. If someone wants a drink and you can provide one, great. Remember children, it may be illegal for you to drink alcohol in your region. Please contact local authorities for more information. Alternatively, you can drink a glass of water and hope for the placebo effect.

Hey, what's up, man? Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that your page kicks some real ass. Some of the tips are things that I found obvious, while others made me say "Heeeyy .. that makes sense ..why didn't I think of that?" .. You are the master of the game, man. I hope to have your skills someday. I live in a total resort town, and there are SOOOOO many hot chicks (many with Boyfriends) just WAITING to be stolen. The thing is, with all these hot chicks .. I don't really need to steal any girlfriends, I'll be content with the single ones if I must Wink Oh, and I noticed that a lot of your tips can be applied to normal chick picking-up as well as girlfriends stealing. O.K., I'm gonna sign off now .. have a good 4th of July, and I hope you update the page pretty soon, as I could use some fresh material. Oh, one question I had: How old are you? .. In other words, how long did it take you to hone your skillz to what they are today? K, I'm gonna go work the beach (volley-ball players!) now, thanks for making such a dope page. Later.

i just want to say that your web site kicks ass. this is the best site by far in terms of advice. i see a lot of crap out there on the 'Net and this is by far the most useful site i have found.Thanks Dude...

Hey dude!!! Your site is right on the ball!! I am one of those nice dipshits who has been way too easy going. Hell, I am going to use the suggestions you ponied up, and keep you posted!!

Thanks for the advice tho, now I don't rely on my money so much Wink

Love your page. I only wish I could have read it while in college (tons of girlfriends to practice on).

what a ****ing rad page; damn funny shit - keep updating & mail me

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (17:46:21) UTC (4047 reads)
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