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  Using The 'Fated Encounter' For First Date Seduction Success
Stealing CentralBy John Alexander
Author, "How to Become an Alpha Male"

Wouldn't it be nice if you could create feelings within a woman of a deep connection with you... even if you two have known each other for only a few hours... and without having to resort to complicated (and risky!) hypnosis tactics?

Well, good news. There is a very easy, no-risk way to do this. I call it the Fated Encounter Technique.

Here's why it works. Every woman has a fantasy from the time she was a little girl, triggered by a constant diet of romance movies and novels, about fate bringing the man of her dreams to her.

In one typical scene the guy and the girl almost bump into each other on the sidewalk. Instead, fate keeps them apart, and they go their separate ways.

Then, two years later, they live in the same apartment building. Yet after several close calls, they still don't meet, again because of fate.

The two date other people, off and on, and yet are never happy. Months go by. The man and the woman each ponder what it will be like when they meet that special someone, someday...

And then near the end of the movie, fate finally brings them together. And of course they hit it off right from the start.

Wouldn't it be nice if that could happen in real life, rather than having to wait through several dates before the woman finally feels comfortable enough with you to have sex?

Well, it can. You can speed the seduction process and have the woman feeling deeply connected with you by using my Fated Encounter Technique. I'll explain how it works.

During the course of your conversation with the woman, you bring up places she has been to. If you've been to those same places, you then talk about how amazing it is that the two of you could have been there at the same time and yet destiny kept you apart.

Let's say, to use a recent example I encountered, that she shops at the local Whole Foods grocery store.

You can then say, "That's awesome. I shop there too. Imagine, we've probably seen each other there all the time!"

Another example would be that the two of you go to downtown LA all the time, and probably have walked past each other on many occasions.

And now, you can say, "Isn't it amazing how fate has finally brought us together?"

As the conversation progresses, the two of you can talk about other coincidences, and the things the two of you might have done together if you'd only known each other.

With the seed planted, as the girl thinks about those coincidences, and how "fate" has now brought the two of you together, she will then start to feel as if she's known you, on a deeper psychic level, for a lot longer than just a few hours.

You, she concludes, are the man she's been waiting for all her life.

John Alexander is author of "How to Become an Alpha Male" ... a seduction success guide for men. Learn the 7 Step Seduction System that takes you from saying "hello" to a new woman... to sharing orgasms in bed with her... in just one evening!
Posted by gfs on Friday, 30 September 2005 (11:05:47) UTC (4486 reads)
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  Damn, I cant stand it...all about......her....
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: it goes:
I know this girl in my class, we went on a field trip to some dumb thing, 4 hour bus ride there and back. It kinda sucked, but she sat next to me the whole there and back. We talked alot, I mean alot. We swapped sex stories and we are both outdoors type of people, but anyway, I pick on her in class, but she takes, and when my friend picks on her, she normally slaps him. On the bus she said something, and then she said "Whys that?" I said I only pick on girls I like, then she said, "Why do you think I am not mean to you?" I asked her, "You like me?" She said YES!! I was like, holy, I got this in the bag, ask her out on a date, and I might get her, but then she told me that she has a boyfriend, who is 4 years older than me, and they live together! I just found this out, that she has a boyfriend, but the living together part, I was like WHAT!! Supposedly, he got kicked out of his house, so he moved in with her.... So now we cant go on a date, cuz she dosent want to get into a hole, but I want to break her grip, dump that guy, and go out with me....anyway possible I can do this? Could you get back to me at (this website), that would be great! Thanks guys! Laughing

GFS: Sorry for laughing but you are screwed. I really pity you man. And her. How the hell is she gonna break up with her boyfriend? She's gonna have to kick him out of the house. Well, you can stick by her... maybe she'll cheat on him a little and you can convince her to do the dirty deed. No, not SEX!! Kick him out of the house. Still, she must be a sweet girl so it might be worth trying to help her out.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (19:09:09) UTC (8182 reads)
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  i need help stealing a girl
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: hey i need some help on what to do. ive never really tried to steal a girl before. anyway theres this girl that i like and im pretty sure that she likes me too but the only problom is that she has a boyfriend rite now and i want to try to steal her but i dont know how?

GFS: This is the kind of general stealing that we cover all over the place on the site. Please read and enjoy!
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:56:14) UTC (6906 reads)
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  i need this girl
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: i like this girl but she has a man and i dont like him. at all he is not right for her .
so the first day of school me and her were talking and out of no where we made out. and i noticed that she sucks at kissing and i didnt care. and last week she told i was cute and that she would go out with me if she didnt have a man. and now she is on a break with him and i asked if we could mess to see if we feel good with each other and she said no because she said she thinks of me as her brother and i dont want that because i see her as a girl i wanna go out with and i got strong feelings for her what can i do to make her mine.

GFS: She made out with you and now she feels like your her brother. And she's a shitty kisser. Are you sure you want to go out with this gurl?? Well I think the only thing to do here is get in a romantic situation with her and try kissing her again and see what happens. But, if you're smart you'd move on and find another girl.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:45:38) UTC (4416 reads)
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  drummer boy
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: I met this girl in highschool two years ago and i have always liked her. Lately my feelings catapolted into what seems to be love. She knows i like her and i hang out with her at her and her boyfriends apartment alot. He isnt too bad of a guy but he never helps her around the house and she has told me how frustrated she can get with him on numerous occaisions. They are pretty serious yet i dont think he treats her how she needs to be treated. She is an incredible girl and i want to be with her so bad it makes me want to shoot myself to stop the confusion. On multiple occaissions when her boyfriend was at work i went to her apt. and we laughed and watched movies and had great times. I want to make my move but i dont want to ruin a great friendship. I feel it is time to make my move. What should i do?

GFS: This is a classic stealing scenario. Kick the flirting up to the next level. A nicely-timed kiss might be appropriate. Read the Tips from Chicks section on this site to get things just right.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:49:40) UTC (3133 reads)
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  How to get my dream girlfriend
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Wassup, I'm 10th grade now and I have this problem. I have a friend she is the most beautiful girl ever perfect body, face u name it! I've known her for 1 schoolyear and I have planned to get her go out with me. But I'm shy as hell! I'm always like this. Whenever I like some girl very seriously, I get shy to say things like ask them on a date. Anyways, this went on and she has been seeing this guy, they have been going out for like 3 months now and I really feel depressed now. But I kept my cool and still be friends with her. But I see that this guy is not really respecting her like when we sit at a bench for lunch with bunch of friends, the guy would sit first in the empty seat forgetting about her. They're not that close like most couples, they hold hands and kiss at least when I see them. What does she sees in him and not in me. The guy is ugly as hell, I could beat him up but I decided to steal her fairly. My friends call an "Asian pimp" lots of girls and Asian girls like me but I like her the most. I started talking to her a lot and she responded almost as she is single. so I know I have a chance. But one day I had a relly bad day, I have failed my Physics test( I'm in 10th grade remember, I'm IBstudent in this really smart school in Florida) and I see her with her boyfriend and they are flirting with each other in front of my face. I felt depressed so much that I wanted to buy zoloft. Anyways, for some reason I got really mad and I ignored her for a week now and she is talking to me I just ignored her. I mean really not talking to her at all. She told me why am I ignoring her and I just walked away. I saw her boyfriend walking towards her and I told her to dont bother me and stay with her pimpled faced boyfriend. At lunch she was really sad, she wouldn't eat and her boyfriend is not comforting her. I didin't mean to hurt her, I wanted to say sorry. But her boyfriend walked away with her I got mad again. School ended and I was boarding my schoolbus she walked towards me and asked me what is wrong and what did she do wrong. I didn't utter a single word to her. My friends were like "why don't you talk to her?" I just walked away. I'm thinking that if I ignored her I'll just dislike her and find some other girls. But I was wrong I like her more and more. What do I do? Please tell me I need some opinions and help. Should I tell her that I'm ignoring her because I like her?

I'm a little confused by it all... you're an Asian pimp but too shy to talk to her. Well, if her boyfriend is as bad as you say, you have nothing to be shy about. I think you should talk to her but don't tell her you're ignoring her because you like her. That will just freak her out. Tell her "that it's none of your business but you could do a lot better than that guy". Getting angry really won't help because no one likes to be around someone that is angry so it will turn her off and it will make you miserable. So you can be her friend until she breaks up with him and then be a little more direct in your desire for her (and I don't mean just coming out and telling her you're in love with her, I mean sending her signals) or you can choose not to hang around her anymore but swallow your anger.
Posted by gfs on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:45:51) UTC (5693 reads)
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  Is there any good way to ask a girl out b/f or not
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: I have never had a girlfriend with out a boyfriend and iam tired of getting my ass beat but still am in the trill of the steal. I need advice on how to ask a girl out properly so i dont always have to steal a girl but i dont care if i have to i just am not that good of a fighter and need a break from the stealing sceen got any advice iam confused because i know a lot of way to get a girl but not a single girl and i dont know whys i thought the prosses would be the same as stealing almost.

GFS: Well this is a first for us at! We've never heard of someone who can only steal and not get a single girl.

Is the problem that you just don't meet single girls or when you do meet them something goes wrong and they don't like you? Try to meet more single girls and when you meet someone with a boyfriend, move on to someone else. Maybe you feel more relaxed with a girl if she has a boyfriend because there's less pressure? If you can steal I think you can get a single girl but you might have to try a little harder. Maybe the single girls might be more shy and nervous themselves as they're trying to make a good impression on you.
Posted by gfs on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (15:48:12) UTC (12981 reads)
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  my story
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: ok.. well it all startd out wen i had broke up with my ex-girlfrend and wantd to get to kno this other girl tht i likd more. i startd talkin to her and we startd to become closer. i askd her if she likd me and she said yea but tht she wouldnt want to gout with me becus my ex was one of her good frends..well at this dance she had promised me a dance and so wen the rite song came on i went over and askd her, we danced 3 songs straight. durin the 3 song wich was a slow song, we startd to get closer and wen the dance was over we startd holdin hands. we wwalkd to go get a drink and i bought her 1. wen we wer goin back we saw my ex talkin to her frend lookin pissd. the girl i was with said "omg thers my ex"and let go of my hand and walkd away, becus she didnt want my ex to b mad at her. mayb lik 2 weeks after tht, the girl i likd startd to not lik me anymore becus of tht incedent, and she startd likin this other guy. well at the movies the other guy askd her out and she said yes. i was crushd cus i thot i would nevr hav a chance with her. tht same week on homecoming day we all went out to eat befor the dance and i jus went with my ex. wile we wer in the resteraunt the girl i lik lookd annoyd and pissd becus her boyfrend was treatin her lik shit. i had gone up to her to say hi and askd wut was rong..she said tht he was an asshole. at the homecomin dance they had been kissin(not makin out) jus lik little pecs. well a slow song came on and she said to me lets go dance so i did..her boyfrend was bein a dumbass as always so we jus went. as we wer dancin i didnt want her bf to get cus he was 1 ofg my frends so i was kinda seperated frm her(lik a lil distance away)but as the song went on she startd wantin to get closer so we did. we got to the point wer i was close to kissin her, but i couldnt so i didnt. i really lik this girl, i want tips on how to make her want me more than her boyfrend,,can yall help?

GFS: Boy oh boy this is so complicated!! There is so much shit going on here. Did you talk to your ex about it? Does your ex still like you?

Girls get a lot of pressure from their friends so I think you might want to talk to your ex and tell her that (a) you've broken up with her and your going to see other girls and you would support her when she finds a new boyfriend and (b) you really like this other girl and you'd appreciate it if she was OK with that.

This plan could work by relieving the pressure on the other girl to do what she wants. Even if your ex says No to you and is jealous, the girl you like will probably end up finding out that you really like her and she'll be more interested.

On the other hand, this plan could fail spectacularly. It could end up causing a big fight between the girls and you so be careful!!
Posted by gfs on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (13:08:28) UTC (3589 reads)
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  Best Friend
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: My best friend (girl) is going out with my friends brother who is younger then she is. I have been her friend for a long time Im atracted to her and she isnt to me how do i Tell her how I feel about her with out her knowing that im saying it and how do get her to be mine if you can help email me at ????

This is tough... if you're already close friends with her she sees you in a certain way and that is hard to change. The best way is to try to get her to see you in a different way by doing new or unexpected things. Girls like surprises. There is also nothing like a little jealousy to get her thinking. If you're showing interest in other girls while she's around, she might realize how attached she is to you.

Posted by gfs on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (12:48:11) UTC (5182 reads)
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  ima playa but im just a lil rusty right now
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: okkkay thiers this girl that looks just like jLo and i really like this girl i mean damn man shes so hot but see she has this boyfriend and they have only been going out for like umm 1 month now but see i threw game at her and got her wanting me but then one day she wrote me and is all like well i noe u kan give me a better life and add alot of interest to my life but i just dont know wat to think right now so i choose my boyfriend over you now see i was stunn'd because hes sum dood who is going no were in life and has dropped outta school,, man i have so much more over this guy forgodsakes i drive an escalade on 24's and im only 18 and im of course good looking haha .. well shes been inviting me over alot but mostly we just chill in her room since her moms is kinda in strict mode right now lol but any ways yea we hang out alot and when shes with me she tells me that i make her feel so happy and i make her forget about her boyfriend see she told me the other nite that the reason she chose him was because she dint want to have any regrets about leaving him she dint want to be in regret like thinking i wonder wat it woulda been like if i had stayed with him, she also said that she wanted to have no worries nor regrets and that she wants to be in happiness when shes with me and shit so i told her well ill just be waiting for you to see what happens even though i have no idea if your gonna come my way or not . but of course i just told her that to make her feel comforatable haha well i noe she likes me i think shes just afraid to leave her boyfriend im not sure tho, see the thing is shes only called me once outta these whole 2 weeks and ive called like 99.9% of the time so yea i think i messed up thier well ive noticed that this girl isnt impressed with money kause i offer alot of things like cell fones or purses all that shit a girl would want , but yet she refuses , When i take this girl out i only take her to the best places to eat and have fun around dallas . i dont take her to no mc donalds or none of that i give her the best and see shes one of those girls from a shitty neighbor hood but shes super cute and usually i dont mess with girls like that but shes different shes like one of those rare hot ass spanish girls from the ghetto .. she already knows ill show her nuthin but a life of luxury if shes with me i just think shes afraid ... one more thing see i just barely got out of a 2 yr relationship with this hot ass asian girl like 1 week ago and the spanish girl noes this because i would talk about our probs with her and make her feel sorry for me lol u know how it goes well see i had been hitting on the spanish girl like 3 weeks before i broke up with my girlfriend basically i was hitting on her while i was with the asian girl but she dint care im positive about that ,,, THINK YOU can help me out ?

GFS: Well if she was like JLo she'd have broken up with her boyfriend by now!

Well the money isn't working... that's OK. She's prob not so impressed that you were hitting on her while going out with your ex. And she knows you're in rebound mode.

Her "no regrets" logic makes no sense. Tell her no matter what, she's gonna have regrets in life. She's gonna regret that she didn't go out with you.

Don't try to impress her with the money too much. She might feel like you're trying to buy her and girls hate that.

The thing is you gotta make sure she understands that she can't have both of you. She's gotta make a choice. If she thinks you'll always be there waiting for her, why should she do anything different from what she's got now?
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (18:21:52) UTC (3382 reads)
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  My attempt
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: I have known a girl for a few years now, but have not really talked to her that much. But now I have been pretty good friends with her for a month so far and I kinda like her. I like her enough to try to steal her from her boyfriend. Her boyfriend is about two years older then her but they seem to get along really great. They don't really talk that much at least when I see them. These circumstances have given me some hope of stealing her. But as of yet I think shes been 'pulling away' and is less responsive. Can you give me some advice on how to 'drag' her back?


GFS: You've got to toy with her emotions. She might be a tough nut to crack but try to do things she doesn't expect. So, don't always be there when she wants to see you. Try subtley to make her jealous. Accidentally touch her in some way so that she'll see you in a different light.
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (17:55:25) UTC (2459 reads)
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  the girl that im in love with...
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Dear girlfriendstealers:
hey there my name is "E"
and i wanted to tell u my saaaaad story.
like 7 months ago i met this girl called "sunshine"
and i liked her so much, at the beggining i knew she had a boyfriend but i didnt care i was like.. hmmmm ok she's hot and she'll never like someone like me!
but suddenly she started saying that she adored me and that i was really special to her.
then one day we went out (as always she sneaked from her boyfriend) and she came to my house, we got paid etc etc... then i started having strong feelings for her, i was like the best man with her.. i gave her everything she wanted
she was my queen and i was her king (i think jester would be the correct word)
she was soo kind with me, and every single second i spent at her side, i did my best to be like the best man eveeeeeeeer!... i was in love... then one of the days that she came to my house i told her that i didnt wanted to be the secondary one anymore, i told her that i wanted her to be my girl.. she told me she loved that guy.. and that he was really good to her.. and she wasnt going to leave him cause things between us weren't gonna work.
i still insisted i freaked out.. i did my best! ive done every single thing a man would do for a girl... and she's still going out with that bastard.. by the way! he's suuuuuuuch a loser!!!
but well! not such a loser cause he's got the only thing i need to be a winner.... "her"
now we are in september.. i miss her so bad... and still nothing
i love her.. im deeply in love with her.. but shes not listening to my screams from my heart..
sometimes i write her emails, and she doesnt reply them.. and sometimes i call her and she's not home.. shes out with the "guy"
well thats my story and i need some advice
please make me happy
and ill give you guys ANYTHING!!

cause im in love with the right person, i know.. but believe me.. ive done everything.. im out of ideas Sad

thank you very much please reply me soon

Well, you're not in love with the right person if she doesn't love you. The right person would love you back.

The girl has made up her mind and pleading with her ain't going to work. Telling her how you feel ain't going to work. Sending her emails ain't going to work.

See, once a girl makes up her mind, it's hard to get her to change it. Even if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she might not go for you. The one thing you have on your side is you've already had sex. You have to pull back and find ways to make her jealous or see you in a different way. Figure out a way to make her feel she's missing out on something good. And while you're doing that, you just might meet a nice girl who likes you back.
Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (17:41:33) UTC (3815 reads)
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Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hey Guys,

First time ive visited the website and guys, i love it Very Happy.

Just recently ive been named the 'lunch cutter' by most of my mates and even wear the fonzy 'i ****ed your girlfriend' shirt, and the thing is i love other guys girls because it presents a challenge!

Basically my story is this.

After talking for a while on the net and then on the phone to this girl who is taken, she has told me how much and how badly she wants me. I have hooked up with her a few times, and gotten pretty heavy with her, much to her boyfriends dislike, but i have fallen for her! Guys i have fallen head over heels for her, and the main reason is her boyfriend is a *****! He treats her like shit all the time. He abuses her verbally and physically and i want her to get out of the relationship. Its gone past the point of the fling and i want her, but she isn't willing to give her guy the flick!

What do i do guys?

*Sandwhich Artist By Day, Lunch Cutter By Night*

Nice T-shirt!

Why do girls stay with guys who treat them like shit? The eternal question with so many answers.

She might be getting things she needs from him that you don't know about. Ask her about it. Or maybe he's manipulating her, controlling her with his abuse. Maybe she feels like he needs her. Maybe she thinks he's unstable and she can help him. Maybe she lacks self-confidence. Maybe she's addicted to the cycle of fight and make up.

You gotta get some more information so you can figure out how to approach the situation.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (13:10:29) UTC (2768 reads)
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  i been friends to long
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: well long story short me became friends when i was leaving highschool
(she is still in)
I moved to chicago she aways knew i want to date her but when she broke up whit her man she just got a new one. they have been going out for a while she really likes him but me in her still go to the movie a lot I aways hug her in give her a little kiss on the cheek knowing that she has a man after reading the advice here i have learn that this is a mistake is there anything i can down to steal this girl i make her mined.

Well that's not good that she just got a new boyfriend and didn't think of you. So I'm thinking you need to find a new girl to play off her. Can't always be there for her.

Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:48:00) UTC (2757 reads)
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  Him or Me?
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Well, heres the story. I have been an avid girlfriend stealer throughout the years. I am now 19 years old, and in college i met the girl that i wanted to be with. But shes had a boyfriend of a long time. I successfully got her to cheat on him, and be my girlfriend too with alot of time and work, so i have basically stolen her but not completely. Now we are both in love, but she is reluctant to dump the other guy completely. She has been seeing hims for 4 years, and me for a little over a year. I am getting sick of sharing her. She says she loves him, too. I tell her that if he was the one than she wouldnt have fallen in love with me. I told her i am giving her two months to make a decision, and decide finally who she wants to be with. I am totally in love with this girl, shes my best friend. but i cannot do this anymore. I want her to be just mine. Maybe i am selfish, but she is all i think about. I dont know what to do or if theres any way to pursuade her at all. I told her if we break up that i will not talk to her at all anymore, and there will be no more friendship as well. So please i am looking for any types of tips or advice. Anything will help, i have to get this girl to myself, sharing her when we are in love hurts me more and more each day.


OK, in this case, giving her an ultimatum was the right thing to do. Keep in mind though that if you stole her, someone else could come along and steal her from you. Something to think about if she does end up choosing you. There are a number of factors in her decision -- it will be weighed between what she gets from the two of you and how much she thinks each of you "needs" her. Consider how you stand in those areas.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:27:03) UTC (3208 reads)
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  How to get her. Please listen
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hey Guys(and girls, if any),

I read your letters, sites, etc. I think you guys are cool, etc. My problem is:


I'm in highschool. 11th grade now. Met the girl in 10th grade. I'm Sixteen now, she's eighteen. I'm getting a permit to drive, almost. But enough about me. This girl I met in algebra class. She was at first cute to me. I thought she was just all looks. But we studied together. I was more experienced than her in mathematics. So she usually comes to me for help. We then become aquantances. Then good friends. But when, every hour in that class, I saw the way she was. I loved the way she was. Her personality, her smile, her hair, her eyes, her cute face, her body, everything. We are talking about a girl, that I am willing to die for, if she asks for it, I will allow myself to suffer all the sufferings in the wolrd for her. And I think she likes me alot too, I think I would rank next to her boyfriend.

Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:06:03) UTC (3439 reads)
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  Pretty Girl of Mine
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hi guys,

I'm in 9th grade. I am ladies man is what all the women say. But you see there's this one girl I like. She is an extrodinary women who intrigues me in every way. I met her in my civics class and we got along like a charm. Like she said that someday she will be women president and I said and, "I
ll be your best man Wink" She laughed an we have a grand ol time in civics. And then after lunch we all hang out outside and her and me talk alot and she laughs alot. I like this girl alot. But as you can see I wouldn't be posting this if I ahd a problem. She just got a bf cuz some stupid kid asked her before me! But still I can tell she likes me alot. The guy she's dating they get along ok. I'm just wondering what do I do next? Do I bring my guitar to school and rock out Wink. lol jk. Anyways help me out alright. Peace \//


Rock N Roll Twisted Evil

Oh, it's you again is it? Well, I don't think bringing the guitar to school is so great... how about just talking about it to her.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:59:40) UTC (2663 reads)
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  I need some advice
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Okay,

As u can see I'm here for an obvious reason. There is this girl I like and she laughs at my jokes alot and we talk alot in my civics class. Also after lunch we hang alot and make jokes and have alot of fun. The only problem is she has a bf. But her and him don't talk much. And I kno I have a chance with her. Plz help me.


Rocker without a cause Question

OK, this sounds promising. I think you want to keep hanging around her. Do you see her in the evening? You should try to be somewhere with her some evening, then go somewhere where you can be only an generate an "intense moment" (see Tips from Chicks section) and kiss her.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:57:55) UTC (2657 reads)
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  Making the move...
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hey Playa,

Must say this is an awsome site, not sure how you know all you know! Must be practice.

Your help with this one will be amazing!

Ok so I've been with my girlfriend for 5 years, we live together and I'm bored, I'm doing well with my business and find myself out of town a lot for meetings etc...

Anyway I met this incredible girl. I really like her. I've seen her about once a week for 3 months. We go out for dinner we have long conversations, deep meaninful ones. All the flirting is in place, we stare into each others eyes for ages, we connect. She tells me her boyfriend is about to lose her, theat he's a beast and she can;t stand him any more.

We text each other every few days, we are really good friends. I call her sometimes and it's all cool.

But I want to take it to the next stage where something happens, and I'm not sure how.

My girlfriend is away for a week, I told her that and invited her to stay this weekend as my girlfriend is away. She laughed and asked me to call her ina couple of days.

I'm trying to play it cool and I left it about 4 days, then I texted her and just said hi. The thing is I can;t get her out of my head and I've started missing her a lot. So I want to text or call her all the time and it's hard not to.

What sould I do to bag her whilst my girlfriend is away and find out if she thinks about me like I think about her, without asking her flat out, which would be bad.

Thanks for your help...

Well first figure out what your goals are. Do you want to cheat on your girlfriend? Do you want a one-night-stand? An affair? Do you want to leave your girlfriend? Do you want her to leave her boyfriend?

When you get your goals in place, you'll be more clear on how to proceed.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:55:46) UTC (6580 reads)
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  Need advice
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Hi

I have just found your site and i think it is the best by far.
I'm very interrsested in this chick that i work with, she has a boyfriend and has been going out with this guy for about 4 or 5 years as understand it. They have broken up once a while back. I have done about half of the stuff your site suggests but she still show no intrest. Its been about 2 months so far.
Any extra advice that you could give me would help greatly

If she has shown no interest whatsoever, you might have to move on to a new girl. Different people have different tastes and you certainly can't win them all (nor would you want to!!)
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:46:25) UTC (2345 reads)
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Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: ok , i know this girl and its been 8 months since ive known her, but she has a boy friend she had been going out wit about th esame time i met her . I told her i liked her resently and she said that she told be about her BF and said she likes him so much that she would want to marry him. BUt the problem is that he doesnt spend time with her, he lives like 6 hours away. But she says that " we love each other and as long as we do we dont need to talk often. i'd like to mention , i can live with her , shes my guiding light and all that i see in my mind is her. also i am 17 and she is 16 wat do i do , plz give me some GOOD advice. ... i really don't want to lose her as a friend and i'd like to have as a girl more though. WE also go to the same school Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

Sorry to get you down but that ain't gonna happen. You'd best find a new girl and fast.

It seems to be a recurring theme on that some girl has a boyfriend who lives far away, she's totally in love with him, and she won't leave him.
Well, listen up. As long as she only sees her boyfriend occasionally, her boyfriend is mostly idealized in her head. There is NO WAY to compete with that. Plus, whatever she is missing from not seeing her boyfriend much, she can get from you for free. There is absolutely no reason for her to leave her boyfriend.

Sorry, sometimes the truth hurts.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:32:18) UTC (2465 reads)
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  Lying to her Boyfriend
Stealing CentralI have a small problem with a girl, and I need some advice. I have known her for almost 2 years off and on threw co-workers. I have always been atracked to her but never really known her personally. I started to hang out with some guys at my office and met their girlfriends, well surprise she is dating one of them (they have been together for 4 years). Over time I have gotten to know them both fairly well and always told them both any time you want some one to go out with call me. Well after 3 or 4 months of this I finally got a phone call from her wanting to met me out some where for drinks. I have gotten together with her a few times since then and had a great time with her. I was resently injured in an accident and she has come over to visit me and and said if there is any thing she can do just let her know. I told her that she can take me out for lunch one day cause I am not that mobil with my broken foot. When it comes time for us to met she calls me and says she cant do this cause she doesnt like lieing to her boyfriend about what she is doing all the time.

She keeps calling me and emailing me but really hesitant to met with me, and I am gettting confused about what my next move should be. I really like this girl and know her and her boyfriend want different things in life.

Mr Confused!!
Posted by gfs on Friday, 10 September 2004 (16:27:17) UTC (4477 reads)
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  Walking Home from School
Stealing Centraldeadly writes: hi playa

ive been thinking about a girl 4 a long time and i really like her, my freinds arent aware of this as i keep it 2 myself. ive been geting 2 know her like walking with her and a group of freinds on the way home from school. im in year 11 just moved up. but she has fancied 2 of my freinds already and gone out with my best freind, a few weeks ago she dumped him, but know i have noticed her holding hands with another one of my freinds on the way home, later on to find she is going out with him.

do u think i still have a chance of stealing her away from him ?
and if so how should i go about it ?

help me please Idea


You definitely still have a chance. Their relationship is a bit new so it might be too early. On the other hand, if she's already gone out with 2 of your friends, maybe you're next!

Just be sure to stay visible to her and try to find out more about her relationship.
Try to be fun and happy around her until you have more information and can make a move.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 10 September 2004 (15:25:10) UTC (2786 reads)
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Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: ok guys heres my story
ive not really stolen anyones gf by it happened tht my friend messed up with some women and his girlfriend got pissed with him dumped him and came to me and now we r in relationship for over a year now
they had been together for 10 years
now she keeps cribbing about how things were and she cant forget him even though hes been a dickhead to her
how do i get ride of her ex boyfriend syndrom
help Rolling Eyes


Well that really sucks! The only suggestion I have is to tell her to get over him. Make her choose: you or him.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 10 September 2004 (15:10:04) UTC (2646 reads)
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  Get whit the girl
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: hey i'm dacris well i been friends whit this girl for a long time she has a boyfrind she knows i liked her for the longs time but this is like that whit all her guy friends all of them want to go out whit to make my self try to stand out more i kiss her on her cheek when ever i'm leaving from her house or leaving from the movie i even try to (cop a fell)sometimes/ knowing that she has a boyfriend after read some of the page on you folks web page i come to find out this was a bad idea is there anyway to recover from my mistake and still endup going out whit her.


A girl with a lot of guys trying to go out with her is a very tough catch. Yeah, you're too obvious with her. You gotta give her something her bf doesn't. Play games. Pull back. Flirt with her but make it seem like you're the only guy she couldn't get.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 10 September 2004 (15:07:32) UTC (2529 reads)
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  Time to Steal, Stolen, or Did I just get Played?
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Alright, here's my story.....I met this gorgeous girl amidst a night of fun. We quickly hit it off and we soon hooked up beneath the sheets after knowing her for only two weeks. Later, she told expressed her discomfort and told me that she just got out of a 4 year relationship. She told me that she didn't know if she was ready for me and her to be hooking up and/or hanging out. Among all this confusion, we still talked and spent time with each other but the intimacy was put on hold. Here's where it went sour. I backed off to give her time and I think she might have thought I wasn't interested in her anymore.

Well, a couple of weeks later she called me and said, "This might kind of burst your bubble." She told me she was back with her ex-boyfriend again but she still wanted to be friends. I quickly told her that I didn't think I could do that but later apologized and told her that I would still be friends with her.

The confusion is that her so called boyfriend lives 3 hours away and he never comes to visit. She still calls me to hang out, and even invited me home with her one night but would not even kiss me because her boyfriend was her "obligation." She gets angry when I don't return her phone calls and introduces me to her friends like some kind of celebrity yet she still insists on a happy medium of warranted attention and no more than just friends. She calls me to hang out and she says, "I would love for you to meet my girlfriends that came in from out of town and they want to meet you." Some phone calls I miss because I'm usually out on the town trying to score a new chick to have fun with. I don't have a problem with keeping it friendly and letting her off my desirable girl list. It's just that when she complains about missed calls or she gives me the discomforting "whatever!" when I make an excuse, I think that it's not over yet and I can stay in the ring for the win.

This girl is pretty cool and she once told me that she remembers her boyfriend only calling her "beautiful" once in the 4 years they were together (I had already been straight money with my consistent yet varied knowledge about how to complement and respect a girl Cool). It once killed her when I told her, "I respect any decision that you make, but I hate to see you settle for second best." I feel like I could make her feel good in many different ways but mixed signals and the boyfriend proclamation serves as a stop sign if I try to sneak in a kiss when we're a bit inebriated.

Is she good for stealing? Does she just want my comfort while her boyfriend isn't around? Is my game getting out played by hers? Or Am I just being let down slowly?

Wow, what a tease! I have a really bad feeling about this one. She's definitely playing you.

I think you start telling her about your "new girlfriend" -- get her jealous. And then keep telling her that she doesn't need you because she has her boyfriend. Anytime she gives you shit for missing her call just say "well you always call your boyfriend!". Now remember, do this all in a playful way, you don't want to really piss her off so she's angry at you. Just a little jealous and wanting you.
This should bring things to a head and you'll know if you're being let down or you still have a chance.
Posted by gfs on Friday, 10 September 2004 (14:41:50) UTC (3407 reads)
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  The Older Boyfriend
Stealing CentralThis is my situation and I am hoping that maybe you can help me out. There is this women I really like she is 20 and I am 21. My problem is that she has a boyfriend and he is around the age of 40-45.Now I know that some women believe that age does not matter, but I feel that this is way too much of an age difference. Anyway, I feel that I might have her interest. Whenever I see her which is always with her man, she . . . how can I say this? Whenever I see her which is always at dances ( non-alchoholic dances) she notices me as soon as I arrive. Usually before I know that she is even there. It is always one of my friends pointing out to me that she is watching me ( I'm talking not even 10 min after I arrive). Anyway, I know that it must be me and not one of my friends that has her interest because I will keep changing groups that I hang around with at these dances. I guess, like a social butterfly! I will go and hang around with one group for about one hour then move over to another, then later on move to another making my rounds to all my friends and even then she knows where I am at all the time. Anyway, I have not done nothing because this man has a lot of respect from a lot of influential people in my area. but, I really like this women and believe that maybe if we can spend some time with each other then things might work out for us.

Oh yeah!! I almost forgot I did at one time approach her before she got with her boyfriend and she light right up and was acting all shy, then I left, I choked!!!! Well, later that night one of her friends told me she was interested (after she left). Then I never seen her for about 2-3 months. After she started to come around again she was with this man Sad

We live in different towns but usually see each other every 2-3 weeks. I have not been to any dances for 2 months and I know that I will see her on the twentieth because there is a dance in her town and all my friends are going and I feel that I can't let this oppurtunity slip by. If you can make any suggestions to help then that would be great! I am single right now, I ended a relationship a month and a half ago. Life's to short to wait for any one person but, I would like to see if this is possible. Please e-mail me back if you can by tuesday, nov 17,98

Posted by gfs on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:24:18) UTC (5516 reads)
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