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  Her friends don't approve
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: alright, i dunno if you guys can help, stumbled upon your site through google and from what i've seen its pretty impressive Smile so i thought "hey, what'll it hurt?"

Okay... so i went out with this girl for about 3 months, started out great, we got very close there would be times we'd just spend the entire day together on the weekend not doing much of anything but being close and all that good stuff. I loved her and I still do. She would tell me that I was a great boyfriend, so on and so on.. But anyway the last month of summer before school started she went on a trip with her family, she went to hawaii and there was no real way for us to keep in contact so we didn't for about 3 weeks. when she came back it was two days after she got back from her trip that we even talked. this is when it really gets messy... so i was lead on to believe that she was uncompfortable around me because her friends didn't "approve" of me. and then (she broke up with me online) tells me that she doesn't feel the same. we get into a long discussion, she told me she was crying, i was crying -- it was aweful. okay so then i try and push her away to move on, i stop talking to her for a week... (yes i know i'm week) but she sends me this 3 page long poem. so i talk to her again and she says she's missed me and missed talking to me but still thinks it'll never work. So she proposes we work on being friends. and thats worked out a lil bit, she tells me that i'm the person she can talk the most openly with. she still messages me online and we talk sometimes at school to this day... And through friends i've heard she wants to get back with me.. but i haven't seen a hint from her. Anyway, i don't have much experience with girls, i appologise for my rather long story but what I'm getting at is Do you think i'm doomed to just be "friends" with this girl who has never been absent of my mind since the day we meet? or am should i just wait it out and see what happens?

thanks for your time , i really appreciate it

GFS: See, teenage girls are really heavily influenced by their friends. I think you should talk to her and ask her why she thinks it'll never work. Ask her why she listens to her friends more than her own heart. I think you have a chance with her but you just need to help her clarify her thoughts and figure out what she really wants. Tell her to give it a try. If it doesn't work, then it doesn't work but at least you tried and at least you had a good time together.
Posted on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (15:54:45) UTC by gfs

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Re: Her friends don't approve (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, 29 April 2005 (11:36:35) UTC
the best advice i can give u is just play it cool for a while and just act like u like other girls,and ur flirting with them then she should crack and get jealous and then she will tell u how she feels and tell her that u truly love her and u dont want ne one else if thats how u feel about her

Re: Her friends don't approve (Score: 1)
by wheeee on Saturday, 21 April 2007 (01:52:37) UTC
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.1 ask her if there is hope of getting together within the month, then two diff steps arize!
A. give it a month (XD) if you get back together good for you if not see "B."
B. then see other girls (if youve done this forget it) Gl with it dude!

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