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  Best Friend
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: My best friend (girl) is going out with my friends brother who is younger then she is. I have been her friend for a long time Im atracted to her and she isnt to me how do i Tell her how I feel about her with out her knowing that im saying it and how do get her to be mine if you can help email me at ????

This is tough... if you're already close friends with her she sees you in a certain way and that is hard to change. The best way is to try to get her to see you in a different way by doing new or unexpected things. Girls like surprises. There is also nothing like a little jealousy to get her thinking. If you're showing interest in other girls while she's around, she might realize how attached she is to you.

Posted on Thursday, 21 October 2004 (12:48:11) UTC by gfs

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Re: Best Friend (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Tuesday, 04 April 2006 (00:57:05) UTC
i have a similar problem, exept me and this girl have been realy close friends for over 3 years now, but i have started to grow on her, time goes on and my feelings g et bigger, now we go to parties and hang out and were close we talk alot and hang out alone alot. she flirts with me and i kno she must feel somthing towards me. and truth betell she did... untill i inttroduced her to my best guy friend who began to like her aswell, and not they are dating. i had this discussion with her i told her how i felt and what told me was that, she realy liked me and that the reason nothing happend is cuz she was scared to date me and break up and be left without a friendship. now shes dating my best friend and he didnt even have the nerve to tell me he likes the girl i like, when he knew i liked her. What should i do, im mad but i dont kno if i have the right to be, and to be mad at who, and if its worth fretting over to lose not only 1 best friend/semipotential girlfriend plus another good guy friend?

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