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  More than a friend..
ConfusionAnonymous writes: wasup..

Well, it started out like this:

Abit over a week ago I went down to a huge fair with my best friend to meet up with his g/f and her best friend. Ofcourse I had to go down there drunk as ever, while the other 3 we're sober. The next day I recieve a text msg from the one girl on my phone in school asking if I liked her(mind you, she got my info from her friend, and not me directly, so im not sure if this is a closer step in her liking me or not). I didn't answer the question, i just answered it with a maybe, she replied with saying "i like you alot too, but i already got a bf" and later on said "i like you more than just a friend". Anyway, all seems good now. But, when im drunk all my shyness goes away, and normally, im a shy person around new girls i met, or girls I like.

The next day all of us met up at one of our houses and I was pretty damn shy around (not really flirting with her ect..) towards the end before we left i started to open up more, but wasnt enough in my opinion to get a stronger sense with her. The day after that I told her that I was shy around her, she said that she "hates people that are shy around girls, but still likes me, and to just have a crazy ass fun time"

I can't really have many convos with her though because i'm never home because of sports & school.

My friends said the dude she was dating was a big *****, so having him in the way of fighting me wont be a problem since I know i can pretty much knock his ass out. Cool

Anyway, the questions that come to mind would be, think I can get her to break up with her B/F and go out with me, and, any advice on what to do to get her to like me even more? I got the opportunity, I just need to use it right. Maybe some marijanes will calm my nerves, and let me eaze up on my shyness, who knows, any suggestions? =)

haha... I got in enough trouble with my alcohol comments in the past that I will ignore any reference to other substances. I guess if you're not giving anything to the girl, you can do what you want in that department.

I think you have an excellent chance with this girl. Like someone once said "girls just want to have fun" so they like guys who are natural but with a bit of confidence. The problem with shyness is that it makes the other people uncomfortable as well. So, it's time to get over that right now. How? Well, think to yourself, you're just looking for a good time, there are many fish in the sea, it's not a big deal what she thinks of me. That will help you loosen up and she'll end up more relaxed as well thus helping you feel more comfortable.

Posted on Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:19:38) UTC by gfs

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