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  A Few Months Later
Playas Playbook


Hi there. I wrote to you a couple of months back about a girl that I was struggling with who is in the honeymoon stage. You said to be patient. So,I have moved on to another girl, but I still want the other girl badly.

The Playa:

Dear Drab Tostitos,

We said be patient, not give up!

And, we're a bit confused over here at the GirlfriendStealer HQ war room. What's the status of the girl you're currently focussing your attention on? Is she single? If so, forget her. If she does have a boyfriend, then you should play the two off against each other and end up stealing both.


How long should I wait.

The Playa:

Until the honeymoon is over. It should be by now, according to the alignment of Mars and Jupiter in the nighttime sky.


When do you know when to really give 100%.

The Playa:

You should bring out the hammer when you know it'll work. Sometimes that's just having a few drinks and jumping into bed... sometimes it's after months and maybe years of careful cultivation.


I've pretty well just been a little more than a friend up to this point. Does flowers or anything like that work or would she think that I am too crazy for her.

The Playa:

Flowers are like the four letter L word. They are what she wants froma guy who won't give them to her, or who she's already dating, which means that it's probably the same guy. Flowers from a third party such as yourself are an open, unwelcome message. Your strengths are subtlety, double entendres, and implying what you mean but never saying it. You have to entice her, and the last thing you want to do is to come right out and say what you mean. If you ever bare your heart to her, she'll just stick the nearest sharp implement into it, and you're screwed. Besides, you should not become emotionally involved with your conquests. They are, after all, conquests.


Do you have any ideas on what I should be doing daily to get her to think about me like I think about her.

The Playa:

Yeah. The typical stuff.

  1. Don't call her, let her call you.
  2. When she does call you, tell her about some hot chick you met.
  3. Be called away from the phone, or leave the conversation because of the upcoming date with said hot chick.
  4. Keep laying hints and subtle compliments.
  5. If and when she returns a compliment, laugh at it (not evilly, but in a good natured kind of way...) "Really? I'm always surprised when people say that to me..." You come off as modest, whether you are or not.

Women want the men that women want. Remember that. If you already havea woman, it's easy to trade up. If you don't, you're stuck. So, geta woman and you can go from there to get this one.

The other basic tools of the girlfriendstealer remain:

  1. Horses.
  2. Motorcycles.
  3. Dogs (puppies preferred)
  4. Babies
Get your greedy little hands on any of those and you'll do just fine.

Posted on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:40:46) UTC by gfs

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NIN Rocks! (Score: 1)
by playa on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:20:16) UTC
(User Info | Send a Message)
Ha, the main reason that I continued to read your writing was that it

mentioned Trent Reznor and Nin. He is one of the coolest people and his

music is so wonderful, i have all the regular cd's except fixed. And i

greatly admired your saying that you should not use alcohol, I have the

same opinions on it, seeya!

Lame Chicks (Score: 1)
by playa on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:21:23) UTC
(User Info | Send a Message)
There I was ya know.. came across your little "advanced GF stealing" page
and I gotta tell you..

You totally rock.

It's nice to see a chick that has some of that male bitterness in her
towards the uncouth masses of other lame chicks vying for "something

I myself.. *shrugs* what can I say.. I used to be a nice guy.. I used to
care about women.. I'm sick of the way them little tricks treated me so
now I'm out for myself. I've got the finances to bring golddiggers in
droves.. I may as well use them like the holes they are.

Thanks for your insight.. hopefully I can put it too good use and unmask a
few of these cheatin whores..

Hatstand (Score: 1)
by playa on Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:22:40) UTC
(User Info | Send a Message)
Glad one female recognizes the mind***** problem - I'm totally hatstand at

the moment because of that Smile

I Need Help (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, 26 October 2005 (20:45:12) UTC
there is this gurl i like in school.When she was going out with some kid she wouldn't talk to me as much.Now that shes not going out with anyone she told me in front of a few people that she liked me but, she told some gurl in the ear that she was kidding!
later she starting talking to me more then usual. I told my cuzin to tell her that i like her.Then she asked her if i asked her out what would she say. She told my cousin shes not mean and she doesn't know what she would say.she still talks to me. but now shes going out with someone and she hasn't told me about him
what do u think i should do now!

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