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  Damn, I cant stand it...all about......her....
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: it goes:
I know this girl in my class, we went on a field trip to some dumb thing, 4 hour bus ride there and back. It kinda sucked, but she sat next to me the whole there and back. We talked alot, I mean alot. We swapped sex stories and we are both outdoors type of people, but anyway, I pick on her in class, but she takes, and when my friend picks on her, she normally slaps him. On the bus she said something, and then she said "Whys that?" I said I only pick on girls I like, then she said, "Why do you think I am not mean to you?" I asked her, "You like me?" She said YES!! I was like, holy, I got this in the bag, ask her out on a date, and I might get her, but then she told me that she has a boyfriend, who is 4 years older than me, and they live together! I just found this out, that she has a boyfriend, but the living together part, I was like WHAT!! Supposedly, he got kicked out of his house, so he moved in with her.... So now we cant go on a date, cuz she dosent want to get into a hole, but I want to break her grip, dump that guy, and go out with me....anyway possible I can do this? Could you get back to me at (this website), that would be great! Thanks guys! Laughing

GFS: Sorry for laughing but you are screwed. I really pity you man. And her. How the hell is she gonna break up with her boyfriend? She's gonna have to kick him out of the house. Well, you can stick by her... maybe she'll cheat on him a little and you can convince her to do the dirty deed. No, not SEX!! Kick him out of the house. Still, she must be a sweet girl so it might be worth trying to help her out.
Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (19:09:09) UTC by gfs

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Re: Damn, I cant stand it...all about......her.... (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, 12 November 2004 (02:13:39) UTC
doable, i've seen it

Re: Damn, I cant stand it...all about......her.... (Score: 1)
by Sk3tchy on Wednesday, 24 August 2005 (05:11:23) UTC
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sticky situation that one.
try playing up on the money aspect. ask her out and pay for it.
the fact her boyfriend is living with her he may be a bit of a bum not paying rent etc. you want her to say something like "it's nice to be with a guy that isn't tight with his money" or something like that.
your looking for an in bro and I reckon even though the fact he lives with her seems like a negative it could turn out to be a positive. she has to see him every waking hour and that's gotta grate on her nerves. seek and you shall find.

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