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  No time together.....
ConfusionAnonymous writes: My girlfriend and I have been going out for a month. I am trying to get close to her, but she seems to not want me to. I am the second boyfriend she has had.
But the thing is, her and her bestfriend kindof fell into a bisexual relationship. This is where I came in. I asked her best friend out first, then they told me about them being together. I didnt really care after that. Then the girl who is now my girlfriend tells me she never really meant to be bi, and she wants to get out of the relationship. We talk on the phone a few days, and I start to like her more and more. Well I ask her out and she says yes. I told her I didnt like her friend for a relationship anymore and she seemed to understand. So after they broke up, they stay best friends. But heres the problem. SHE NEVER SPENDS ANY TIME WITH ME.

Every time we make plans, something happens and she ends up spending time with her friend that she used to be in a relationship with ! I am afraid that maybe I am being used as a cover up for her and her friend to not get caught. Or maybe she is still having relations with her best friend. All I really want is to spend time with her, so we can get closer. We see eachother at school, but its not the same thing as spending time together.

GFS: Wow! This is the best freaking letter I've received in ages!! I will designate it Letter of the Month!

Girls are special. And really close girl friends falling in and out of a bisexual relationship are really really special. More than that they are DANGEROUS. I think what I would do in your situation is to go for the 3-way relationship. I assume you're not having sex with the girl yet since you're never alone with her but you should start hanging out with the 2 girls at once. Keep it fun. Relationships don't have to be cut-and-dried, categorized and put in boxes. I think you can get a threesome out of this one.

A word of caution. The two girls will sometimes gang up on you, make fun of you, and have secrets between themselves. Don't worry about it. Don't try to play them off each other. They will turn on you so fast you won't see the ground coming up to hit your ass. Remember you are the only man in the threesome and they will come back to you in their own time.
Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (18:42:27) UTC by gfs

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Re: No time together..... (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Friday, 05 August 2005 (04:40:53) UTC
Very Happy hi
can you send you e-mail adresse and a pic

Re: No time together..... (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Monday, 28 May 2007 (11:55:52) UTC
hey bud im not gonna lie to you, ive been in that situation. It seems shes just keeping you as a back up so if she has no one to hang with shell call you but it sounds like you havent even hung out with her once outside of school Exclamation so my advice to you is sit her down and say "listen I feel you dont really care about our relationship and I donno maybe you do, but you have a very weird way of showing it especially since everytime we make plans you bail on me and go hang with someone else". You could do that or you can try finding someone else

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