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  How to get my dream girlfriend
Stealing CentralAnonymous writes: Wassup, I'm 10th grade now and I have this problem. I have a friend she is the most beautiful girl ever perfect body, face u name it! I've known her for 1 schoolyear and I have planned to get her go out with me. But I'm shy as hell! I'm always like this. Whenever I like some girl very seriously, I get shy to say things like ask them on a date. Anyways, this went on and she has been seeing this guy, they have been going out for like 3 months now and I really feel depressed now. But I kept my cool and still be friends with her. But I see that this guy is not really respecting her like when we sit at a bench for lunch with bunch of friends, the guy would sit first in the empty seat forgetting about her. They're not that close like most couples, they hold hands and kiss at least when I see them. What does she sees in him and not in me. The guy is ugly as hell, I could beat him up but I decided to steal her fairly. My friends call an "Asian pimp" lots of girls and Asian girls like me but I like her the most. I started talking to her a lot and she responded almost as she is single. so I know I have a chance. But one day I had a relly bad day, I have failed my Physics test( I'm in 10th grade remember, I'm IBstudent in this really smart school in Florida) and I see her with her boyfriend and they are flirting with each other in front of my face. I felt depressed so much that I wanted to buy zoloft. Anyways, for some reason I got really mad and I ignored her for a week now and she is talking to me I just ignored her. I mean really not talking to her at all. She told me why am I ignoring her and I just walked away. I saw her boyfriend walking towards her and I told her to dont bother me and stay with her pimpled faced boyfriend. At lunch she was really sad, she wouldn't eat and her boyfriend is not comforting her. I didin't mean to hurt her, I wanted to say sorry. But her boyfriend walked away with her I got mad again. School ended and I was boarding my schoolbus she walked towards me and asked me what is wrong and what did she do wrong. I didn't utter a single word to her. My friends were like "why don't you talk to her?" I just walked away. I'm thinking that if I ignored her I'll just dislike her and find some other girls. But I was wrong I like her more and more. What do I do? Please tell me I need some opinions and help. Should I tell her that I'm ignoring her because I like her?

I'm a little confused by it all... you're an Asian pimp but too shy to talk to her. Well, if her boyfriend is as bad as you say, you have nothing to be shy about. I think you should talk to her but don't tell her you're ignoring her because you like her. That will just freak her out. Tell her "that it's none of your business but you could do a lot better than that guy". Getting angry really won't help because no one likes to be around someone that is angry so it will turn her off and it will make you miserable. So you can be her friend until she breaks up with him and then be a little more direct in your desire for her (and I don't mean just coming out and telling her you're in love with her, I mean sending her signals) or you can choose not to hang around her anymore but swallow your anger.
Posted on Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:45:51) UTC by gfs

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Re: How to get my dream girlfriend (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Sunday, 01 January 2006 (19:28:02) UTC
I tried the silent treatment and it didn't help me its not the way to go. You ahve to act like you don't care at all and be friendly and get on good terms with her even if it pisses you off deep down that she is with him

Re: How to get my dream girlfriend (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Wednesday, 25 January 2006 (01:19:12) UTC
wow, i am in the same exact position as you. im totally shy too eventhough im a bigtime football player and i can get plenty of other girls but i only like this one. I got angry at a similar reason as you. so i ignored her for the longest time and now we're not even friends. its the worst feeling of all. its better to be friends with this girl than to not be anything at all. And also, with the way you explained it, I am pretty sure this girl likes you. If not, she wouldn't even care about you getting mad at her. She obviously notices that ur mad and CARES. she has feelings for u man!! i say that u tell her how u feel. if it helps, then great. if not...what doesn't kills you makes you stronger. hopes this helps!! aloha!!! (im from hawaii)

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