Is there any good way to ask a girl out b/f or not
Date: Thursday, 21 October 2004 (15:48:12) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

I have never had a girlfriend with out a boyfriend and iam tired of getting my ass beat but still am in the trill of the steal. I need advice on how to ask a girl out properly so i dont always have to steal a girl but i dont care if i have to i just am not that good of a fighter and need a break from the stealing sceen got any advice iam confused because i know a lot of way to get a girl but not a single girl and i dont know whys i thought the prosses would be the same as stealing almost.

GFS: Well this is a first for us at! We've never heard of someone who can only steal and not get a single girl.

Is the problem that you just don't meet single girls or when you do meet them something goes wrong and they don't like you? Try to meet more single girls and when you meet someone with a boyfriend, move on to someone else. Maybe you feel more relaxed with a girl if she has a boyfriend because there's less pressure? If you can steal I think you can get a single girl but you might have to try a little harder. Maybe the single girls might be more shy and nervous themselves as they're trying to make a good impression on you.

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