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Date: Thursday, 21 October 2004 (13:08:28) UTC
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ok.. well it all startd out wen i had broke up with my ex-girlfrend and wantd to get to kno this other girl tht i likd more. i startd talkin to her and we startd to become closer. i askd her if she likd me and she said yea but tht she wouldnt want to gout with me becus my ex was one of her good frends..well at this dance she had promised me a dance and so wen the rite song came on i went over and askd her, we danced 3 songs straight. durin the 3 song wich was a slow song, we startd to get closer and wen the dance was over we startd holdin hands. we wwalkd to go get a drink and i bought her 1. wen we wer goin back we saw my ex talkin to her frend lookin pissd. the girl i was with said "omg thers my ex"and let go of my hand and walkd away, becus she didnt want my ex to b mad at her. mayb lik 2 weeks after tht, the girl i likd startd to not lik me anymore becus of tht incedent, and she startd likin this other guy. well at the movies the other guy askd her out and she said yes. i was crushd cus i thot i would nevr hav a chance with her. tht same week on homecoming day we all went out to eat befor the dance and i jus went with my ex. wile we wer in the resteraunt the girl i lik lookd annoyd and pissd becus her boyfrend was treatin her lik shit. i had gone up to her to say hi and askd wut was rong..she said tht he was an asshole. at the homecomin dance they had been kissin(not makin out) jus lik little pecs. well a slow song came on and she said to me lets go dance so i did..her boyfrend was bein a dumbass as always so we jus went. as we wer dancin i didnt want her bf to get cus he was 1 ofg my frends so i was kinda seperated frm her(lik a lil distance away)but as the song went on she startd wantin to get closer so we did. we got to the point wer i was close to kissin her, but i couldnt so i didnt. i really lik this girl, i want tips on how to make her want me more than her boyfrend,,can yall help?

GFS: Boy oh boy this is so complicated!! There is so much shit going on here. Did you talk to your ex about it? Does your ex still like you?

Girls get a lot of pressure from their friends so I think you might want to talk to your ex and tell her that (a) you've broken up with her and your going to see other girls and you would support her when she finds a new boyfriend and (b) you really like this other girl and you'd appreciate it if she was OK with that.

This plan could work by relieving the pressure on the other girl to do what she wants. Even if your ex says No to you and is jealous, the girl you like will probably end up finding out that you really like her and she'll be more interested.

On the other hand, this plan could fail spectacularly. It could end up causing a big fight between the girls and you so be careful!!

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