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Date: Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (17:41:33) UTC
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Dear girlfriendstealers:
hey there my name is "E"
and i wanted to tell u my saaaaad story.
like 7 months ago i met this girl called "sunshine"
and i liked her so much, at the beggining i knew she had a boyfriend but i didnt care i was like.. hmmmm ok she's hot and she'll never like someone like me!
but suddenly she started saying that she adored me and that i was really special to her.
then one day we went out (as always she sneaked from her boyfriend) and she came to my house, we got paid etc etc... then i started having strong feelings for her, i was like the best man with her.. i gave her everything she wanted
she was my queen and i was her king (i think jester would be the correct word)
she was soo kind with me, and every single second i spent at her side, i did my best to be like the best man eveeeeeeeer!... i was in love... then one of the days that she came to my house i told her that i didnt wanted to be the secondary one anymore, i told her that i wanted her to be my girl.. she told me she loved that guy.. and that he was really good to her.. and she wasnt going to leave him cause things between us weren't gonna work.
i still insisted i freaked out.. i did my best! ive done every single thing a man would do for a girl... and she's still going out with that bastard.. by the way! he's suuuuuuuch a loser!!!
but well! not such a loser cause he's got the only thing i need to be a winner.... "her"
now we are in september.. i miss her so bad... and still nothing
i love her.. im deeply in love with her.. but shes not listening to my screams from my heart..
sometimes i write her emails, and she doesnt reply them.. and sometimes i call her and she's not home.. shes out with the "guy"
well thats my story and i need some advice
please make me happy
and ill give you guys ANYTHING!!

cause im in love with the right person, i know.. but believe me.. ive done everything.. im out of ideas Sad

thank you very much please reply me soon

Well, you're not in love with the right person if she doesn't love you. The right person would love you back.

The girl has made up her mind and pleading with her ain't going to work. Telling her how you feel ain't going to work. Sending her emails ain't going to work.

See, once a girl makes up her mind, it's hard to get her to change it. Even if she breaks up with her boyfriend, she might not go for you. The one thing you have on your side is you've already had sex. You have to pull back and find ways to make her jealous or see you in a different way. Figure out a way to make her feel she's missing out on something good. And while you're doing that, you just might meet a nice girl who likes you back.

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