i been friends to long
Date: Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:48:00) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

well long story short me became friends when i was leaving highschool
(she is still in)
I moved to chicago she aways knew i want to date her but when she broke up whit her man she just got a new one. they have been going out for a while she really likes him but me in her still go to the movie a lot I aways hug her in give her a little kiss on the cheek knowing that she has a man after reading the advice here i have learn that this is a mistake is there anything i can down to steal this girl i make her mined.

Well that's not good that she just got a new boyfriend and didn't think of you. So I'm thinking you need to find a new girl to play off her. Can't always be there for her.

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