Girl on a School Trip
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:35:18) UTC
Topic: Playas Playbook

Ted Carpenter:

i met a girl on a school trip. We are from the same area; she lives about 45 minutes away, and we go to different schools. I only got to meet her at the very end of our trip, and the most i got was a hug whenwe parted. she seemed very comfortable talking about her boyfriend around me. They've been going out for 6 months. I made it perfectly clear that i wanted her to all her friends, knowing they would tell. i'm sure they did and she knows. i was flirting with her the whole time. people say she's not serious about him and her education comes first. (i think that's cute)

The Playa:

This is a long shot, but if she's 45 minutes away, and you're in the same "area," is this implying that you're rural?

If you're rural, you just may have access to the world's number one natural non-man made girlfriend stealing device: the horse. Chicks love horses, and if you have access to one, ask her to come and ride with you.

She will be in heaven, you will be cool, and for the rest, you will need nothing additional to have her.

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