Him or Me?
Date: Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:27:03) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

Well, heres the story. I have been an avid girlfriend stealer throughout the years. I am now 19 years old, and in college i met the girl that i wanted to be with. But shes had a boyfriend of a long time. I successfully got her to cheat on him, and be my girlfriend too with alot of time and work, so i have basically stolen her but not completely. Now we are both in love, but she is reluctant to dump the other guy completely. She has been seeing hims for 4 years, and me for a little over a year. I am getting sick of sharing her. She says she loves him, too. I tell her that if he was the one than she wouldnt have fallen in love with me. I told her i am giving her two months to make a decision, and decide finally who she wants to be with. I am totally in love with this girl, shes my best friend. but i cannot do this anymore. I want her to be just mine. Maybe i am selfish, but she is all i think about. I dont know what to do or if theres any way to pursuade her at all. I told her if we break up that i will not talk to her at all anymore, and there will be no more friendship as well. So please i am looking for any types of tips or advice. Anything will help, i have to get this girl to myself, sharing her when we are in love hurts me more and more each day.


OK, in this case, giving her an ultimatum was the right thing to do. Keep in mind though that if you stole her, someone else could come along and steal her from you. Something to think about if she does end up choosing you. There are a number of factors in her decision -- it will be weighed between what she gets from the two of you and how much she thinks each of you "needs" her. Consider how you stand in those areas.

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