Should I try or not?
Date: Friday, 08 October 2004 (12:22:57) UTC
Topic: Confusion

Hi. I met a girl on the first day of school named Ashley. I'm a junior shes a senior. We met in B period (second period out of four). We were working together on first day busy work and got to talking. We both had third period in another building (a building mostly for freshmen and sophmores) and she was a little pissed that she had to go there. So she said she was just going to skip the rest of the day. I asked her where she lived and found out she lives a few streets down from my house. So I asked if a could come with her. She said sure, so we left class a little early, ran to her car and drove back to her house. Her step-dad was home and she freaked a little bit and i offered to come to my house (my parents were at work). Once we got to my house we talked a little bit about this and that and found out we had quite a bit in common. Then out of no where she started talking about her boyfriend. I was starting to "get closer to her" the whole time but after this I backed off a bit. We said our goodbyes after school was out and she left. The next few days we talked a bit but not much, then she got her classes changed and wasn't in my class anymore. I rarely saw her in the hallways, but I really wanted to see her again. I spotted her one day before school and we started talking again. I asked her if she wanted to hang out sometime on the weekend she said sure and I gave her my number and she said she'd call me. I waited all weekend, and no call. This was last weekend and I've only seen her once since after school. I waved and she waved back and smiled. Should I persue this, or just forget about what happened?


Keep an open mind. Don't wait around for her but keep the lines of communication open. It's like setting a bunch of fishing lines... you get a few out there and you'll get a nibble on one. Then sometime later, you'll get a nibble on another one.

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