Pretty Girl of Mine
Date: Friday, 08 October 2004 (11:59:40) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

Hi guys,

I'm in 9th grade. I am ladies man is what all the women say. But you see there's this one girl I like. She is an extrodinary women who intrigues me in every way. I met her in my civics class and we got along like a charm. Like she said that someday she will be women president and I said and, "I
ll be your best man Wink" She laughed an we have a grand ol time in civics. And then after lunch we all hang out outside and her and me talk alot and she laughs alot. I like this girl alot. But as you can see I wouldn't be posting this if I ahd a problem. She just got a bf cuz some stupid kid asked her before me! But still I can tell she likes me alot. The guy she's dating they get along ok. I'm just wondering what do I do next? Do I bring my guitar to school and rock out Wink. lol jk. Anyways help me out alright. Peace \//


Rock N Roll Twisted Evil

Oh, it's you again is it? Well, I don't think bringing the guitar to school is so great... how about just talking about it to her.

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