Lying to her Boyfriend
Date: Friday, 10 September 2004 (16:27:17) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

I have a small problem with a girl, and I need some advice. I have known her for almost 2 years off and on threw co-workers. I have always been atracked to her but never really known her personally. I started to hang out with some guys at my office and met their girlfriends, well surprise she is dating one of them (they have been together for 4 years). Over time I have gotten to know them both fairly well and always told them both any time you want some one to go out with call me. Well after 3 or 4 months of this I finally got a phone call from her wanting to met me out some where for drinks. I have gotten together with her a few times since then and had a great time with her. I was resently injured in an accident and she has come over to visit me and and said if there is any thing she can do just let her know. I told her that she can take me out for lunch one day cause I am not that mobil with my broken foot. When it comes time for us to met she calls me and says she cant do this cause she doesnt like lieing to her boyfriend about what she is doing all the time.

She keeps calling me and emailing me but really hesitant to met with me, and I am gettting confused about what my next move should be. I really like this girl and know her and her boyfriend want different things in life.

Mr Confused!!

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