Walking Home from School
Date: Friday, 10 September 2004 (15:25:10) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

hi playa

ive been thinking about a girl 4 a long time and i really like her, my freinds arent aware of this as i keep it 2 myself. ive been geting 2 know her like walking with her and a group of freinds on the way home from school. im in year 11 just moved up. but she has fancied 2 of my freinds already and gone out with my best freind, a few weeks ago she dumped him, but know i have noticed her holding hands with another one of my freinds on the way home, later on to find she is going out with him.

do u think i still have a chance of stealing her away from him ?
and if so how should i go about it ?

help me please Idea


You definitely still have a chance. Their relationship is a bit new so it might be too early. On the other hand, if she's already gone out with 2 of your friends, maybe you're next!

Just be sure to stay visible to her and try to find out more about her relationship.
Try to be fun and happy around her until you have more information and can make a move.

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