Making the Mistakes
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:38:12) UTC
Topic: Playas Playbook

Ted Carpenter:

help me dude! I'm in love with this girl. send something back asap. i need some tips on what to do when i first see her again friday. I'm planning a big hug where i lean over, hug, and pick her up off the ground with a kiss on the neck slipped in so nobody sees and only she knows. it would be best right around her boyfriend. then she would know how i really feel. i'm also planning on tellin her she looks beautiful hoping i beat her boyfriend to it and maybe even that i love her. what do you think?

The Playa:

(a) Love is a four letter word. Chicks do not dig this coming from a guy that they're not already bent into knots about. Getting that word out of you should be a battle for her, and it's the battle that holds her interest. If you say the four letter word, then she's won without even fighting, and you're a sissy pushover, and she's on to the next challenge. You're in the power seat because you're forbidden fruit, and she's at least partially interested in you. If you say this word, you'll become yesterday's silly dalliance.

(b) If you tell her she's beautiful, you should frame it in a subtle way, and make the comment that you want to tell her this, but you're sure she hears it from her boyfriend all the time. What? She doesn't? You just don't get it, you just don't get it.

(c) If you make moves around the boyfriend, be prepared for a rabbit punch, and/or making a scene which will disturb her. A true girlfriend stealer is a fisherman... put out the bait, and lure them in. Fisticuffs and shenanigans are for our cavemen bretheren. But, the key thing here is that if you force the matter in front of the boyfriend, it's an all or nothing ploy, and she may not like it. Lure her into making the choices that you want, don't push her into things.

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