Time to Steal, Stolen, or Did I just get Played?
Date: Friday, 10 September 2004 (14:41:50) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

Alright, here's my story.....I met this gorgeous girl amidst a night of fun. We quickly hit it off and we soon hooked up beneath the sheets after knowing her for only two weeks. Later, she told expressed her discomfort and told me that she just got out of a 4 year relationship. She told me that she didn't know if she was ready for me and her to be hooking up and/or hanging out. Among all this confusion, we still talked and spent time with each other but the intimacy was put on hold. Here's where it went sour. I backed off to give her time and I think she might have thought I wasn't interested in her anymore.

Well, a couple of weeks later she called me and said, "This might kind of burst your bubble." She told me she was back with her ex-boyfriend again but she still wanted to be friends. I quickly told her that I didn't think I could do that but later apologized and told her that I would still be friends with her.

The confusion is that her so called boyfriend lives 3 hours away and he never comes to visit. She still calls me to hang out, and even invited me home with her one night but would not even kiss me because her boyfriend was her "obligation." She gets angry when I don't return her phone calls and introduces me to her friends like some kind of celebrity yet she still insists on a happy medium of warranted attention and no more than just friends. She calls me to hang out and she says, "I would love for you to meet my girlfriends that came in from out of town and they want to meet you." Some phone calls I miss because I'm usually out on the town trying to score a new chick to have fun with. I don't have a problem with keeping it friendly and letting her off my desirable girl list. It's just that when she complains about missed calls or she gives me the discomforting "whatever!" when I make an excuse, I think that it's not over yet and I can stay in the ring for the win.

This girl is pretty cool and she once told me that she remembers her boyfriend only calling her "beautiful" once in the 4 years they were together (I had already been straight money with my consistent yet varied knowledge about how to complement and respect a girl Cool). It once killed her when I told her, "I respect any decision that you make, but I hate to see you settle for second best." I feel like I could make her feel good in many different ways but mixed signals and the boyfriend proclamation serves as a stop sign if I try to sneak in a kiss when we're a bit inebriated.

Is she good for stealing? Does she just want my comfort while her boyfriend isn't around? Is my game getting out played by hers? Or Am I just being let down slowly?

Wow, what a tease! I have a really bad feeling about this one. She's definitely playing you.

I think you start telling her about your "new girlfriend" -- get her jealous. And then keep telling her that she doesn't need you because she has her boyfriend. Anytime she gives you shit for missing her call just say "well you always call your boyfriend!". Now remember, do this all in a playful way, you don't want to really piss her off so she's angry at you. Just a little jealous and wanting you.
This should bring things to a head and you'll know if you're being let down or you still have a chance.

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