Laughed So Hard
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (17:43:29) UTC
Topic: Praise

after tons of boring pages something really funny to read:) Thanx

I think you nailed it. If I ever decide to steal a girlfriend, Ill follow your no-nonsense aproach!Thanks for the laughs.

Excellent. I love the page.. the biggest laugh I got was reading from that disgruntled person who said she could "spot a girlfriend stealer a mile off".. What BS! That was a stitch.

I still snikker sometimes at the time I stole the girlfriends and wrecked the relationships of 2 reknowned assholes.. they were miserable crybabys and I was smoking cigarettes in the sack with their girlfriends. Ohh.. heehee for the good old days.

I also got a kick out of a jerk that got drunk and threatened to beat me up because Id boffed his girlfriend at a fraternity party. The funny thing was.. I had more friends in that guys frat than he did and they threatened to beat HIM up. What a laugher.

Alas.. Its been a while since I stole a girlfriend and I have a girlfriend myself now but you know what? Im not afraid that anyone will steal her because I dont treat her like furniture and I keep her happy.

I think some thick headed women like your critic should realize that Girlfriend Stealers can be their best friends.

Yeah. Yeah... take that all you critics! - gfs

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