Snatch the Pebble from My Hand
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:39:33) UTC
Topic: Playas Playbook

Ted Carpenter:

Her boyfriend has seen me and doesn't like me, so what if she replies "He trusts me, he just doesn't trust you."?

The Playa:

Laugh and say, "Maybe he shouldn't" (shake your head and look at either the sky or the earth while smiling). Repeat.

Ted Carpenter:

She said she couldn't leave her boyfriend for too long or he'd get upset. I told her i'd be jealous too and that made her smile. when i had to leave, i hugged her once

The Playa:

That was a good move.

Ted Carpenter:

So analyze, compute, figure stuff out, do whatever, just help me get this girl.

The Playa:

You're in the end run here. There's not many other tricks you can pull.You'll either have to be patient and wait, or move on to someone else.

Ted Carpenter:

Here's something else. 99% percent of our phone conversations have me calling. Is that ok? think she's not interested in me on the phone?

The Playa:

This is not OK.

Remember, you have to get her to want you. The primary way of getting her to want you is to appear that she can't have you. If you're constantly calling her, she's getting her ego stroked (a bit too much). You've crossed a bad line here... what you want to be doing this stuff:

Call her, talk for two minutes, then say, "Shit! I forgot to call [insert name of imaginary or real girl here]! We're supposed to go out tonight, she's going to be pissed... I have to run, I'll call you back tomorrow." Then, call four days later. If she asks you why you didn't call, then she's biting the hook. Give it a little tug and say, "Oh, I'm sorry... I forgot." Ohhhhh she'll crave the ego stroking now, because she'll feel like you're losing some interest.

Or, make plans to come out and see her, then cancel the day before with something a bit more important.

Follow these rules:

  1. Never call when you say you're going to call. Always call at least a day late.
  2. Never call twice in one week.
  3. If you call her, never talk for more than 15 minutes. Have something important which you have to go do, or someone else that you have to go see, or a party or something to go attend.
  4. Never call her twice in a row, let her place the next call.

The goal of these rules is simple: you want to show her some attention, but you have to use the attention you give her AS A REWARD. If you lavish her with attention and compliments right now, you're the boring sappy pushover.

Besides, if she craves the attention and secretly loves it, and you're giving it to her without her having to change her situation, then she can use one of the girlfriendstealer's mottos on you, namely, "Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" She's got TWO boys throwing lots of attention her way. She's in control, and doesn't even have to pickup the phone.

So, be cool. Be the thing that she wants, and cannot have. The first step is by fixing your phone habits. You'll never get anywhere by what you're doing right now.

Here's a couple tricks that I have used (just for the fun affect on some of my friends with boyfriends to tease them, and to excercise my powers for the time I find a ripe target):

  1. Call and leave a message, ask them to call you, when they call you back don't return their call. Let them call two more times before you call them back. They will be frantic. Chicks want the attention, and if you brush them off like this using the phone, they get all worked up and anxious for your attention.
  2. Call and talk to the boyfriend a bit. End the conversation without talking to the girlfriend, or even mentioning her name. Don't even pass on a "tell her I said hi." When he tells her that you called and you didn't even ask for her, she'll get all worked up and call you.
  3. This can only be used if they're in the same place together... when it comes time to leave, say goodbye to the boyfriend and pass along a goodbye to her (it's important to not just walk out, as that makes you look like an ass). She'll be worked up that you considered it important enough to say goodbye to him, but not her.

(2) and (3) mean that you can't have a hostile relationship with the boyfriend. In my case, it's true because I don't, and am not stealing hisgirlfriend. I just do it to tease her in a friendly way... when she gets on my case (in good humor) I say, "Oh, you didn't like that, did you?" I then take the feedback and use it to hone my skills.

Also, for the record, I do not advocate hostile girlfriendstealing. Violence is only funny if it happens to someone else.

Ted Carpenter:

i've got other questions i can't think of right now.

The Playa:

When you can snatch the pebble from my hand, Young Ted, you are ready to leave.

I'll leave you with this last little thing, based on a Seinfeld episode...think of your little girl as a shy squirrel. You're trying to coax her out and take some food from your hand. Don't make any large, sudden movements, or something silly like run after her. The goal, the art, and the satisfaction is in getting her to come to you. As girlfriendstealers, this is the only important thing. Keeping her is up to you, but we don't care about that.

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