What's my Name? Oh the Alcohol!
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (17:49:02) UTC
Topic: Disgust

I dont know your name, nor did I even bother to further read your homepage. Your whole "girlfriend stealing", is what is formerly called being a "player". Your comment about alcohol assisting your persuance, is #1 illegal, and #2, degrading to yourself tha you would have to stoop so low. I for one can see a "girlfriend stealer" a mile off and so can any other well aware female. As for your whole idea that woman are as mindless as you seem to think, relationships and peoples emotions are not a game!please take notice to all I have said. F/17

I know your name but I didn't bother to read your email. I just love 17 year old girls! They are the center of their own little worlds. Stealers: Extra points if you can do it without alcohol.

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