Add Spice to a Drab Day
Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2004 (19:05:34) UTC
Topic: Tips From Chicks

I am a chick. At times I have been a girlfriend. I have had encounters with girlfriend stealers in the past, and they are really amusing. Chicks in a ho-hum relationship thrive on girlfriend stealers. They add spice to an otherwise drab day. As someone else said in the feedback area of your site, chicks can see a girlfriend stealer a mile away. So it really is us who gain the pleasure from GS's attempts. And if the steal was a success... then women win. GS's provide the necessary excuse to dump a guy who hasn't been everything the woman wants. And if the chick is in a sincerely good relationship, the steal tends not to work. Honest. I've been there.

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