Pickup Boot Camp
Date: Friday, 27 May 2011 (00:00:00) UTC
Topic: A Learning Experience

I'm a stockbroker. I spent months in training. Day after day of training calls. And every day our trainers would make us listen to our calls in front of all our peers, and critique them. It was humiliating. Sometimes I thought that Marine boot camp couldn't be any worse. I don't think I've ever been called a moron so many times.

But I don't regret a minute of that training. Thanks to that, I became an awesome stockbroker. I can sell anyone anything. If I stop working today, I'll never have to work again.

So there I was, living in NYC. 26. Rich, even back then, and, IMHO, pretty good looking. I had no problem getting girls' numbers, or even bedding them. But I couldn't keep them interested. This went on for a year, until one morning I woke up and asked myself: "Self, you can sell a turd derivative to the most sophisticated investor on the planet, why can't you sell yourself to the secretary from Staten Island?" That's when I remembered my boot camp.

So I went out and bought a recorder that I hooked up to my home phone. I recorded every call, then I listened to them. I sucked. Once I'd made as much progress as I could on my own, I asked two of my most uber-successful-with-the-skirts buddies to help me. I was ready for the humiliation. Within two months, I was a completely different person. I could sell myself the way I could sell a CDO. I wasn't actually interested in the long term thing, but I was finally in control. If I wanted a girl to stick around, I could.

Did I steal anyone's girlfriend? You bet. Am I proud of it? What do you think? Smile

gfs: That's awesome. What did you use to record the calls?

I used some box I picked up at Radio Shack. I don't use that anymore. Now I record almost all my calls, but I use a service called Call Trunk. When I logged into the site the other day I saw a Call Trunk banner ad and I thought it was time to tell my story.

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