Moving in on a girl at work who is involved
Date: Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:37:03) UTC
Topic: Work Romance

I've been at this new job about two months. There is this little cutie at work. She's really smart, not well liked by most girls there, cute looking. She and I see each other every day when we're in the office. She never smiles at me. if she'd smile, her face might crack. I decided upon putting a Valentine's Card in her mailbox. I wrote her name and told her : You're Teddy Bear cute from your head to your feet and Your smile brightens everyone's day. I did not sign it. She has enlisted the help of 3 other girls in finding this handwriting of whoever guy wrote it. I know she has a boyfriend. But this guy is working over in England and is English and won't leave being over there to come here for good.

I'm planning that during one of our Company parties in April I'm going to make my move. I'm going to ask her to dance. Slow dance. When we're slow dancing I plan on saying both lines from the card. I know that I'm the underdog but I relish being the underdog. It takes guts to make a move. I'm poised, confident & a bit head strong. We see each other at work all the time but don't really talk. I plan on driving her home after this party so she doesn't have to walk or catch a cab or subway. I also plan on opening doors for her and walking her to her apartment building door. She will see what kind of gentleman I am.

We might have to work together on a project or 2 during the year. If that happens, I will recluse myself because of a conflict of interest. I can respect her work ethic which is impeccable but I do not want to give the Partners any reason to question our motives. Work comes first and then we can try at being two adults who can coincide together professionally and romantically.

Is this something that might work if all the planets and stars are in alignment?

I have to say that for my taste, there is way too much planning going on. Take it one day at a time and naturally. I'm not even sure you know this girl well enough to even say you like her.

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