mind over matter, matter undermined (roommate cont...)
Date: Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:34:38) UTC
Topic: Just for Girls

dear gfs,

i think minds can be changed--even doing a 180--now given he had had it with his gf over spending xmas with her...and somehow got talked into it when it was against his will (amongst other things), i am assuming his mind can be changed. after all, she is a psychologist for hardened criminals in a mental institute, and he is very innocent and somewhat naiive to the ways people are (i knew this back then, but did not take advantage of him as i respected him, and did not want him to feel uncomfortable being he was my tenant).

so i seek your great & wise advice gfs! what can one do for someone they care deeply about when they are so far away? what can i say to him over the phone? what buttons can i push? do i need to make myself present physically to be there, and if so, how can i get him without his gf around? Smile ...i think the matter can be undermined...help!

Geez, you're a clever and witty girl! You don't have to by physically present to have an intense relationship... but I think you'd have no trouble finding someone else.

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