Date: Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:12:39) UTC
Topic: Confusion

Hey peepz! im Naz, 17 in college, frm da UK! i dunno if u get many of us britts on this website but im in serious need of a yanks help!! Laughing ill get to the point: i usually dont have any problem in talking 2/charming girls but the thing is i got every1 thinkin im a playa wen i aint even an ameture!! iv only had 3 gfs and only 1s bin full on, i usually keep things hush hush. the thing is i really dont like making the 1st move bcoz of fear of rejection and girls round here usually prefer guys 2 lead!! which means i hav all the sluts and MINGERS (ugly girls) running after me and the gud lukin girls keepin themselves 2themselves. id like to kno how 2 attract the right type of girl without stepping in2 the region of rejection. thank you.

Actually, we get a ton of brits on this site! The thing with women is they pick up on subtle things and they send subtle signals that we completely miss. So: don't worry about rejection because you be subtle enough that it's not a big deal. Instead of asking to buy her a drink or whatever, just give her a look. Step 2 is to PAY ATTENTION to the girls around you. Make some eye contact and look for signs of interest.

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