I know im a stupid bitch, but its not gonna stop me from getting what i want.
Date: Friday, 01 April 2005 (11:07:07) UTC
Topic: Just for Girls

I already know my decision making skills are flawed and are usually based on my "throbbing biological urges", rather than logic. Nevertheless my awarness of my stipidity isn't going to stop me form getting what i want.

I have a boyfreind. Been with him for about 3 years. We have lived together for 2 years. He is the greatest guy iv ever known , always faithful, loving and wants to marry me. The problem is: even though i know i have this great guy, because im so young (19) i feel like, although i want to eventually spend the rest of my life with this guy i still want to play the feild a little.

Here comes the temptation. My boyfreind is now gone,away for a new work opp. and has moved to a different state. Were still together but i wont see him now for 4 to 6 months! And im left feeling horney, sad, confused and with a good looking male flatmate.

This was also though, a year in the making. When my flatmate first moved in he had a girlfreind. i was not on good terms with my boyfreind at the time and this guy (flatmate) really impressed me. So i had to get rid of the girlfreind. Do some boyfreind stealing. I never really expected to succeed but with little effort I convinced him to break up with her! But then my boyfreind and I became closer than eve,r and up untill he left had been, more or less, a great couple.

In the month leading up to his departure I became strongly attracted to my flatmate, and now my boyfreinds gone i feel i wanna explore this interest further.

My flatemate, since my boyfreind has left, has now become the sweetest most lovable best freind a girl could have. He buys me chocolates and nice things and stays up to all hours talking to me and watching movies. Hes become protective of me with my other male freinds and whenever hes away he call's to check up on me. We have now, on occasion even slept in the same bed at night. We dont do anything but have become really close. He has even said that im a much better freind than my boyfreind is to him and values my company a great deal more.

I do want him, but for nothing more than a fling, I dont think. I dont want to hurt anybody. And if i do try anything i dont know if it will be worth it. I mean is my flatmate even interested or just being sympathetic? How can i go about this situation the smart way?

Chances are your boyfriend is not going to understand but if you think he will, you could tell him how you feel. Otherwise, it's best to keep it a secret. I wouldn't worry about your flatmate kissing-and-telling; men don't usually do that kind of stuff (except in the movie Closer.)

OK, I think you can just make a move on your flatmate. I recommend grabbing his ass or crotch. Men aren't good with subtleties, it goes right over our heads. Afterwards, if he gets too attached, remind him you have a boyfriend. Then I suppose he'll show up at this site and we'll get another customer!

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