I hate "Hippo"
Date: Friday, 01 April 2005 (10:54:09) UTC
Topic: Dating Advice

There is a girl that I really like and her name is "Jenny." The problem is that she is relly naive. This guy nicknamed "Hippo" was going out with this girl but then he found out that she might go out with someone else. He got mad and told her that he likes her and he was going to break up with his girlfriend so he can ask her out. The problem is that she actually believed him. How can I make her see that he is a big jerk and that she should be with me? I mean this guy is cocky and thinks he is the best. He makes out with 5 girls and then tells jenny that he likes her.

Girls of a certain age are both naive and dumb. They like this kind of cocky jerk and like the fact that he makes out with 5 girls. Anyhow, they just want to be loved. So you have to do 2 things: you have to seem like you're a catch and two, you have to let her know you like her. Don't tell her right out... girls pick up on subtle things.

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