He's gone, what can i do?
Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (19:01:59) UTC
Topic: Confusion

Ok it's a confusin story, but i'll begin...

Theres a girl who is so fine, and everyone knows it. Last year she got a boyfreind form the year above me. I didnt really talk to her much last year, but now her boyfreind has left school and gone abroad they are still very much an item but we have started talking etc and getting on really well. She has come to watch me play tennis on a few occassions after I asked her to come. She also came over to me straight away in this bar and gave me her number to call her and do sommit over the holidays. Also she has phoned me a couple of times lately and we have chatted for hours. BUT she got a tciekt to go and visit her boyfriend in italy for a week, he stays there until christmas then he goes away for another long period travelling, then off to uni which is a long way away. (so he's not really on the scene much) I just cant work out if she likes me, I adore her and she seems like she likes me (givin me her number, coming to watch me play, phoning and chatting for hours etc. But then she has a boyfriend, i need a plan of action please can you help im soooo confuzed, this has all gone pretty quick aswell, like over a 3 week period.

GFS: Yes she likes you. She's also probably a bit lonely. The problem is that with the boyfriend so far away it may be difficult to steal her because she will want to wait or break up with him in person. Keep working it. Turn up the flirting a little. Turn up the sexual tension. Drive her crazy. Then when the moment is right and she's begging for it, give her a little kiss.

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