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Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:49:40) UTC
Topic: Stealing Central

I met this girl in highschool two years ago and i have always liked her. Lately my feelings catapolted into what seems to be love. She knows i like her and i hang out with her at her and her boyfriends apartment alot. He isnt too bad of a guy but he never helps her around the house and she has told me how frustrated she can get with him on numerous occaisions. They are pretty serious yet i dont think he treats her how she needs to be treated. She is an incredible girl and i want to be with her so bad it makes me want to shoot myself to stop the confusion. On multiple occaissions when her boyfriend was at work i went to her apt. and we laughed and watched movies and had great times. I want to make my move but i dont want to ruin a great friendship. I feel it is time to make my move. What should i do?

GFS: This is a classic stealing scenario. Kick the flirting up to the next level. A nicely-timed kiss might be appropriate. Read the Tips from Chicks section on this site to get things just right.

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