Dont know What shes Thinking?
Date: Tuesday, 26 October 2004 (16:35:53) UTC
Topic: Confusion

hi, i have been seeing this girl secretly for 3 months. She has a boyfriend but she still meets me and rings me. The last time we were together she told me that she wanted to be with me and not her boyfriend and i feel the same. But she has not contacted me properly since. I bumped into her yesterday and asked her when i could see her next and she just told me she didnt know. I reacted to this and walked away not even saying bye!! Do you think i have blown it with her and are her feelings false towards me?

No, I don't think you've blown it. I think you did the right thing. She's probably got scared when the time came to actually leave her boyfriend or maybe she's scared of him? I think she'll come back to you. Keep us updated!

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