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  i need help
Dating AdviceAnonymous writes: HEy, im a preteen, almost a teenager. When it coems to my school, lets say all my friends have girlfreinds. I want one, and my friend is trying to help me pick up one. I want a hot girl to acully notice me at first, then i want to overcome my shyness, and then ask her out for the movies, or something. I personaly think this is funny asking you guys for help when im only 12. But,great things about this site, so i ask for your help. ALso Here comments about me that i hope you can fix that so they notice me.

I'm :
Not as handsom as you think i can be. I'm a little over weight, but people dont always notice it.
I jell my hear, and flip it(i dont want super long hair like sufer dude}
Aveage hieight...

Thanks man, i relly hope you can help


GFS: Yeah, I remember!
Let me think. You want a hot 11 year old girl to notice you. That is not really my area of expertise...

I think you've got the order of your steps wrong. First, try to overcome your shyness. Then find a girl that you find cute and nice (not the hottest girl in school that everyone is after) and start being friendly to her. Go slow. If she's responding well (smiling, laughing etc.) when she sees you, then ask her out to the movies. Remember, she's probably shy too so you can't wait for her to "notice" you.
Posted on Wednesday, 20 October 2004 (17:50:55) UTC by gfs

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Re: i need help (Score: 0)
by Anonymous on Saturday, 22 January 2005 (13:50:04) UTC
Crap! you mean all this time one of my best friend that i wanted to notice me is as shy as me!?!?!? Crud! I am the same age as you, and have the same problem. Tell me how it goes for you, then i'll try.

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